Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Degree Requirements

Students majoring in Latin American Studies select their courses from the Latin American and related offerings of the various departments and work out their programs with the assistance of the LLILAS undergraduate adviser. Although most courses on Latin America are upper-division, first- and second-year students interested in this degree should seek advice relative to course prerequisites and language preparation.

2016-2018 LAS Degree Plan Checklist (PDF, 146K)
2014-2016 LAS Degree Plan Checklist (PDF, 246K)

2012-2014 LAS Degree Plan Checklist (PDF, 225K)

2010-2012 LAS Degree Plan Checklist (PDF, 284K)

Undergraduate studies leading to the bachelor of arts degree have been designed to provide an interdisciplinary, broad-based knowledge of Latin America. In many cases, a semester of approved study at a Latin American university can be included in the degree program. LLILAS maintains linkages with a number of leading institutions of the region to facilitate study abroad.

Students who meet the required qualifications may participate in the honors program within Latin American Studies with the aim of writing a thesis based on independent research.

Latin American Studies for the 2014–2016 and 2016–2018 catalogs is a 27-hour major. (For information on older catalogs, please see the undergraduate adviser.) The major consists of:

  • 18 hours of specified core courses:
    • LAS 301 - Key Ideas and Issues in Latin America (only offered fall semesters)
    • LAS 337M - Topics in Latin American Politics
    • 3 hours chosen from the following:
      • LAS 315 - Introductory Topics in Latin American Social Sciences
      • LAS 319 - Geography of Latin America
      • LAS 324L - Topics in Latin American Anthropology
      • LAS 325 - Topics in Latin American Sociology
      • LAS 330 - Topics in Latin American Geology
      • LAS 355 - Topics in Latin American Economics
    • 3 hours chosen from the following:
      • LAS 326 - Latin American Music
      • LAS 327 - Latin American Art History
      • LAS 328 - Latin American Arts, Literature, Film, and Dance
      • LAS 370P - Luso-Brazilian Lit, Culture, and Linguistics
      • LAS 370S - Hispanic Lit, Culture, and Linguistics
    • LAS 366 - Topics in Latin History
    • LAS 378 - Capstone Course in Latin American Studies (offered only during spring semesters)
  • 9 hours of additional Latin American Studies course work (6 hours must be upper-division)

For the 2014-2016 catalog, Latin American Studies requires a 12-hour minor in any one field of study. This must include 6 hours of upper-division course work and 6 hours in residence. Students also have the option of completing, for the minor, the lower-division sequence in a language other than that used for the Liberal Arts foreign language requirement. This must also include 12 hours total and 6 hours in residence.

For information on minors and certificate programs for the 2016-2018 catalog, please consult Cynthia Gladstone, Undergraduate Academic Adviser.

For the 2014-2016 catalog, Latin American Studies majors must satisfy their Liberal Arts language requirement with either Spanish or Portuguese. For the 2016-2018 catalog, students have the choice of Spanish, Portuguese, or a Latin American indigenous language.

Consult with the LAS adviser for any questions on catalog eligibility.

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