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Though the LRC has a small core staff dedicated to creating and maintaining the Center's online offerings, much of what the LRC does could only come to fruition through the concerted and conscientious efforts of a range of scholars and associates from a number of institutions around the world.

The associated faculty brings a wealth of knowledge and broad range of talents to the LRC. These scholars have dedicated time creating online materials, contributing to grant proposals, proofreading our resources, organizing conferences, and a host of other tasks small and large. We are honored to count them among the friends of the LRC. By the same token we would like to mention that a handful of former members who dedicated much of their professional and private lives to building the foundations for what the LRC is today.

The LRC is also pleased to host scholars from across the globe who share the LRC's passion for the study of language and its history. Our visitors have strengthened ties of international scholarly collaboration and deepened our understanding of the impact the LRC has worldwide.

But the LRC would not have a clear path forward without the constant input of our Advisory Board. This international group of scholars ensures that the LRC's materials meet the highest standards of scholarship and that current and future projects have a clear and meaningful impact for both academic and general audiences. We cannot thank these renowned scholars enough for the time they continue to dedicate to the LRC.

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