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Agnieszka Makles

Agnieszka Makles is currently a graduate student at Michigan State University working on her MA in Foreign Language Teaching. Her research interests include the use of authentic texts and techniques from corpus linguistics in language teaching. At the University of Texas at Austin, she supported third-year Polish in the Slavic Department and held a weekly conversation hour for the language. She also teaches Polish for Hansa One and works on translations. Agnieszka originally hails from Silesia near Częstochowa and feels a strong tie to Texas Silesians through their shared homeland.

John Benjamin

John Benjamin received his PhD in 2019 in Germanic Studies at the University of Texas Austin. He is currently an Assistant Professor of German at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, where he also assists with the Kosciuszko Squadron, the Academy’s Polish club. His research focuses on reading practices in a second language and applied linguistics. He speaks Polish and often visits his family in Silesia. While in Austin, he worked with Hans Boas on the Texas German Dialect Project (TGDP) and developed an interest in Texas immigrant dialects.

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