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The KI.LAM Festival (a state festival ultimately going back to the Old Kingdom)

Sara E. Kimball and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Hittite with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Hittite Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Hittite language and its speakers' culture.

The KI.LAM Festival (state festival originating in the Old Kingdom)

22-31 GIŠ DINANNA GAL LÚ.MEŠha-li-ya-re-es SÌRRU ALAM.KA UD me-ma-i pal-wa-tal-la-as pal-wa-iz-zi ki-i-ta-as hal-za-a-i
LÚSÌLA.SU.DU₈.A 1 NINDA.GUR₄ EM-SA a-as-ka-az ú-da-i LUGAL-i pa-a-i LUGAL-us par-si-ya LÚSÌLA.SU.DU₈.A-kan LUGAL-i NINDA.GUR₄ e-ep-zi ta-as-ta pa-ra-a pe-e-da-i

1-14 ma-a-an LUGAL-us Éha-li-en-tu-u-az ú-ez-zi ta GIŠZA.LAM.GAR-as pa-iz-zi nu-za LUGAL-us MUNUS.LUGAL e-sa-an-da
n-as-ta DUMU.É.GAL ŠA GIŠŠUKUR GUŠKIN an-da ti-ya-az-zi nu ŠU-az GIŠŠUKUR GUŠKIN GIŠkal-mu-us Ù GAD ŠA GIŠŠUKUR GUŠKIN har-zi úe-ez-zi GAD LUGAL-i pa-a-i
GIŠkal-mu-us-ma-as-sa-an kat-ta GIŠDAG-ti da-a-i
DUMU.É.GAL-ma EGIR-pa LUGAL-i-kan me-na-ah-ha-an-da ti-ya-zi GIŠŠUKUR GUŠKIN har-zi nu ka-a-as-mi-is-sa-a hal-za-a-i

24-39 nu GAL ME-ŠE-DI pe-ra-an-hu-wa-i na-as-kan LUGAL-i me-na-ah-ha-an-da ti-ya-zi
nu 2 DUMUMEŠ.É.GAL A-NA LUGAL MUNUS.LUGAL ME-E QA-TI hu-u-pa-ri-it GUŠKIN pe-e-da-an-zi
ŠA GIŠŠUKUR GUŠKIN-ma DUMU.É.GAL hu-u-up-par-as A-NA 2 DUMUMEŠ.É.GAL GÙB-la-za i-ya-at-ta-ri GAL DUMUMEŠ.É.GAL-ma-as-ma-as EGIR-an kat-ta-ni-pu-un pe-e har-zi
nu ma-ah-ha-an GIŠDAG-ti kat-ta ma-ni-in-ku-wa-ah-ha-an-zi nu DUMU.É.GAL ŠA GIŠŠUKUR GUŠKIN-ma EGIR-pa ti-i-ez-zi
nu 2 DUMUMEŠ.É.GAL A-NA LUGAL MUNUS.LUGAL ŠUHI.A-as wa-a-tar pa-ra-a ap-pa-an-zi nu-za-kan LUGAL MUNUS.lUGAL ŠUHI.A-ŠU-NU ar-ra-an-zi nu-kan pa-ra-a pe-e-da-an-zi

12-23 nu LUGAl-us GAD-an ar-ha pi-is-si-az-zi na-at ma-a-an A-NAMEŠ ME-SE-DI an-da-an pi-is-si-az-zi LÙMEŠ ME-SE-DI ku-e-ez par-as-sa-na-an-te-es na-at LÙMEŠ ME-SE-DI sa-ra-a da-an-zi
ma-a-na-at DUMUMEŠ.É.GAL-ma an-da-an pi-is-si-az-zi DUMUMEŠ.É.GAL ku-e-ez par-as-sa-na-an-te-es na-at DUMUMEŠ.É.GAL sa-ra-a da-an-zi na-at LÚMEŠGIŠBANSUR-as pi-an-zi


22 To the accompaniment of the large INANNA-lyre, the singers sing, the comedian speaks, the applauders applaud, (and) the reciter recites. The cupbearer brings one sour thick bread from the gate/outside. He gives it to the king (and) the king crumbles (it). The cupbearer holds out a thick loaf to the king and he (the cupbearer) takes (it) away.
1 When the king comes from the palace complex, he goes to the tents; and the king (and) queen seat themselves. The Son of the Palace of the Gold Spear steps in. With his hand, he holds the lituus and the towel of the golden spear. He comes(?) and gives the towel to the king, but the lituus he sets down at the throne. The Son of the Palace again steps in front of the king. He holds the golden spear. He calls out "kassmissa!"
24 And the chief of the bodyguard marches in front and he steps facing the king. And two Sons of the Palace take hand-water to the king and queen with a gold bowl. The Son of the Palace of the Gold Spear steps to the left of the two Sons of the Palace of the Vessel. The chief of the Sons of the Palace holds out a linen towel to them (the king and queen). And when he approaches the throne, then the Son of the Palace of the Gold Spear steps back. And 2 Sons of the Palace hold out water for the hands of the king and queen. And the king and queen wash their hands and they (the Sons of the Palace) take (it) away.
12 And the king throws the towel away. If he throws it among the bodyguards, the bodyguards from where they have been squatting pick it up, and the bodyguards take it away. But if he throws it among the Sons of the Palace, the Sons of the Palace from where they have been squatting pick it up, and they take it away and give it to the Men of the Table.

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