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The Plague Prayer of Mursilis II (Neo-Hittite)

Sara E. Kimball and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Hittite with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Hittite Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Hittite language and its speakers' culture.

The Plague Prayer of Mursilis II (Neo-Hittite)

DIM URUHa-at-ti BE-LÍ-YA Ù DINGIRMEŠ URUHa-at-ti BE-LUMEŠ-YA u-i-ya-at-mu MMu-ur-si-li-is su-um-me-e-el ARAD-KU-NU
i-it-wa A-NA DIM URUHa-at-ti BE-LÍ-YA Ù A-NA DINGIRMEŠ BE-LUMEŠ-YA ki-is-sa-an me-mi
ki-i-ma ku-it i-ya-at-ten
nu-wa-kan I-NA ŠÀBI KUR URUHa-at-ti hi-in-kan tar-na-at-ten
nu-wa KUR URUHa-at-ti hi-in-ga-na-az a-ru-um-ma me-ek-ki ta-ma-as-ta-at
nu-wa PA-AN A-BI-YA PA-AN SEŠ-YA ak-ki-is-ki-ta-at
ku-it-ta-ya-wa-az am-mu-uk A-NA DINGIRMEŠ ki-is-ha-at nu-wa ki-nu-un-ma am-mu-uk pe-ra-an ak-ki-is-ki-it-ta-ri
ka-a-as MU.20.KAM ku-it-kan I-NA ŠÀ KUR URUHa-at-ti ak-ki-is-ki-it-ta-ri
nu-kan IŠ-TU KUR URUHa-at-ti hi-in-kan ar-ha Ú-UL-pat ta-ru-up-ta-ri
am-mu-uk-ma-az SÀ-az-ma la-ah-la-ah-hi-ma-an Ú-UL tar-ah-mi NÍ.TE-az-ma-za pit-tu-li-ya-an nam-ma Ú-UL tar-ah-mi

ŠA-NU-Ú TUP-PU-ma ŠA URUKu-ru-us-ta-am-ma LÚMEŠ URUKu-ru-us-ta-am-ma ma-ah-ha-an DU URUHa-at-ti I-NA KUR URUMi-iz-ri pe-e-da-as
nu-us-ma-as DIM URUHa-at-ti ma-ah-ha-an is-hi-ú-ul A-NAMEŠ URUHa-at-ti me-na-ah-ha-an-da i-ya-at
nam-ma-at IŠ-TU DU URUHa-at-ti li-in-ga-nu-wa-an-te-es
nu LÚMEŠ URUHa-at-ti ku-it LÚMEŠ URUMi-iz-ri IŠ-TU DIM URUHa-at-ti li-in-ga-nu-wa-an-te-es e-se-er
nu ú-e-er LÚMEŠ URUHa-at-ti pe-ra-an wa-ah-nu-e-er nu-kan NI-IŠ DINGIRLIMMEŠ URUHa-at-ti hu-u-da-a-ak sar-ri-i-e-er
nu A-BU-YA ERINMEŠ ANŠE.KUR.RAMEŠ u-i-ya-at nu ZAG KUR Mi-iz-ri KUR Am-ga wa-al-ah-hi-ir
nam-ma-ya u-i-ya-at nu nam-ma wa-al-ah-hi-ir
MEŠ URUMi-iz-ri ma-ah-ha-an na-ah-sa-ri-ya-an-ta-at
na-at ú-e-er nu A-NA A-BI-YA DUMU-ŠU LUGAL-u-iz-na-an-ni an-ku ú-e-ke-er
nu-us-ma-as ma-ah-ha-an A-BU-YA a-pe-e-el DUMU-ŠU pe-e-es-ta na-an ma-ah-ha-an pe-e-hu-te-er
na-an-kan ku-e-en-ni-ir
A-BU-YA-ma `ka-pi-la-az-at-ta na-as I-NA KUR Mi-iz-ri pa-it nu KUR URUMi-iz-ri wa-al-ah-ta
ERINMEŠ-ya-kan ANŠE.KUR.RAMEŠ ŠA KUR Mi-iz-ri ku-en-ta


O, Stormgod of Hatti, my Lord, and gods of Hatti, my Lords, Mursilis your servant has sent me, (saying) go and speak to the Stormgod of Hatti and to the gods, My Lords, as follows: "What is this that you have done? You have let loose the plague in the interior of the land of Hatti. And the land of Hatti has been sorely, greatly oppressed by the plague. Under my father (and) under my brother there was constant dying. And since I became priest of the gods, there is now constant dying under me. Behold, it is twenty years since people have been continually dying in the interior of Hatti. Will the plague never be eliminated from the land of Hatti? I cannot overcome the worry from my heart; I cannot overcome the anguish from my soul."
The second tablet concerned the town of Kurustamma--how the Stormgod of Hatti brought the men of Kurustamma into the territory of Egypt (and) how the Stormgod of Hatti made a treaty between them and the men of Hatti. And they were put under oath by the Stormgod of Hatti and the men of Egypt were (bound) under oath by the Stormgod of Hatti. And the men of Hatti got the upper hand and immediately the men of Hatti broke the oath (of the treaty). My father sent infantry and chariot fighters and they attacked the border territory at Amga. And, moreover, he sent (more troops); and again, they attacked. (The tablet related) How the men of Egypt became afraid. They came, and they asked my father outright for his son for kingship. And when they led him away, they killed him. And my father became angry, and he went into Egyptian territory, and he attacked the infantry and chariot fighters of Egypt.

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