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The Treaty of Tudhaliya with Kuruntas of Tarhuntassa (Later Neo-Hittite "Bronze Tablet")

Sara E. Kimball and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Hittite with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Hittite Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Hittite language and its speakers' culture.

The Treaty of Tudhaliya with Kuruntas of Tarhuntassa (Later Neo-Hittite)

2 A-BU-YA ku-wa-pi MHa-at-tu-si-li-is A-NA MÚR-hi-te-es-su-up-as DUMU MMu-u-wa-at-ta-al-li me-na-ah-ha-an-da ku-ru-ri-ah-ta na-an LUGAL-iz-na-an-ni ar-ha ti-it-ta-nu-ut A-NA M DLAMMA-ma-kan wa-as-tul Ú-UL ku-it-ki a-as-ta
MEŠ URUHa-at-ti ku-it im-ma ku-it wa-as-ti-ir M DLAMMA-as-ma-kan Ú-UL ku-wa-ap-pi-ki an-da e-es-ta
an-ni-sa-an-pat-an MNIR.GÁL-is LUGAL-us A-NA A-BU-YA MHa-at-tu-si-li sal-la-nu-um-ma-an-zi pi-ya-an har-ta na-an an-ni-sa-an-pat A-BU-YA sal-la-nu-us-ke-et

3 ma-ah-ha-an-ma A-BU-YA MÚR-hi-te-es-su-pa-an LUGAL-iz-na-ni ar-ha ti-it-ta-nu-ut M DLAMMA-an-ma A-BU-YA da-a-as na-an I-NA KUR URU DU-ta-as-sa LUGAL-iz-na-an-ni ti-it-ta-nu-ut
nu-us-si A-BU-YA ku-it is-hi-ú-ul i-ya-at ZAGMEŠ-is-si ma-ah-ha-an da-is nu-us-si A-BU-YA TUP-PAHI.A RI-KIL-TI i-ya-at
na-at M DLAMMA-as har-zi
ZAGMEŠ-ma-as-si ki-is-sa-an ti-ya-an-te-es IŠ-TU KUR URUPi-ta-as-sa-at-ta HUR.SAGHa-u-wa-a-as `kan-ta-an-na URUZa-ar-ni-ya-as URUSa-na-an-tar-wa-as ZAG-as URUZa-ar-ni-ya-a-as-ma-kan `kan-ta-an-na I-NA KUR ÍDHu-u-la-ya a-as-sa-an URUSa-na-an-tar-wa-as-ma-kan I-NA KUR URUPi-ta-as-sa a-as-sa-an-zi

4 IŠ-TU KUR URUPi-it-as-sa-ma-as-si an-na-az URUNa-ah-ha-an-ta-as ZAG-as e-es-ta
nu-kan A-NA TUP-PI RI-KIL-TI ŠA A-BU-YA DKASKAL.KUR URUA-ri-im-ma-at-ta ZAG-as i-ya-an-za ki-nu-na-as-si DUTUŠI an-na-al-li-in ZAG EGIR-pa te-eh-hu-un
nu-us-si IŠ-TU KUR URUPi-ta-as-sa IŠ-TU KUR URUA-ri-im-ma-at-ta URUNa-ah-ha-an-ta-as URUHa-ut-ta-as-sa-as-sa ZAG-as URUNa-ah-ha-an-ta-as-ma-kan URUHa-ut-ta-as-sa-as-sa I-NA KUR ÍDHu-u-la-ya a-as-sa-an-te-es

15 ma-ah-ah-an-ma-za A-BU-YA ku-wa-pi DINGIRLIM ki-sa-at nu KUR.KURHI.A ku-it a-ar-sa ti-ya-at
M DLAMMA-as-ma-mu a-pe-e-da-ni-ya me-e-hu-ni se-er ak-ta nu-mu pa-ah-ha-as-ta
nu MA-ME-TEMEŠ ku-e le-en-qa-an har-ta nu-kan Ú-UL ku-it-ki wa-ah-nu-ut
ma-ah-ha-an-ma-mu DINGIRLUM da-a-as nu LUGAL-iz-zi-ah-ha-at
nu A-NA M DLAMMA is-hi-ú-ul ki-is-sa-an i-ya-nu-un
A-NA TUP-PI RI-KIL-TI ŠA A-BU-YA-kan ku-i-e-es URUDIDLI.HI.A Ú-UL ki-ya-an-ta-ri nu a-pu-u-us URUDIDLI.HI.A IŠ-TU A.ŠÀ A.GÀR NAM.RA hu-u-ma-an-ta-za A-NA M DLAMMA LUGAL KUR URU DU-ta-as-sa ARAD-an-ni AD-DIN
ku-is-kan im-ma ku-is ŠÀBI KUR ÍDHu-u-la-ya e-es-zi nu-kan hu-u-ma-an A-NA M DLAMMA LUGAL KUR DU-ta-as-sa ARAD-an-ni a-as-sa-an ZAGHI.A-ya-as-si EGIR-pa SIG₅-in te-eh-hu-un
NA₄he-kur SAG.UŠ-as-si EGIR-pa pe-eh-hu-un
nu-kan zi-la-ti-ya NA₄he-kur SAG.UŠ A-NA NUMUN M DLAMMA ar-ha le-e ku-is-ki da-a-i


2 When my father, Hattusilis, revolted against Urhi-Tessup, son of Muwattallis and deposed him from kingship, no blame whatsoever attached to (lit. "remained with") Kuruntas. However the people of Hatti had been at fault, Kuruntas was in no way whatsoever (involved) in (the wrong side). Already before, the king, Muwattallis, had given him (Kuruntas) to Hattusilis to raise, and already before, my father (i.e. Hattusilis) had raised him. Previously, Muwattallis, the king, had handed him over to my father, Hattusilis, to raise, and my father had raised him.
3 But when my father deposed Urhi-Tessup from kingship, my father took Kuruntas and set him up in kingship in Tarhuntassas. The treaty that my father made for him -- how he set the boundaries for him -- my father made a treaty-tablet (concerning them); and Karunta possesses it. Moreover, the boundaries are laid out for him as follows: for you, from the town of Pitassas, the borders are: Mt. Hawas, the Kantana of Zarniyas, and the town of Sanantarwas. The Kantana of Zarniyas to the Hulaya river-land remain (as borders). And the town of Santanarwas to the town of Pitassas remain (as borders).
4 From the town of Pitassas, the town of Nahhantas was the border. And, on the treaty tablet of my father, the river source of Arimattas was made the border. But for now, for him (Kuruntas), My Majesty has reestablished the previous border. From the town of Pitassas, from the town of Arimattas, the town of Nahhantas (and) the town of Hautassa are the border. But Nahhantas and Hautassa to the Huliya river-land remain (the border).
15 But when my father died (lit. "became a god"), whichever lands had remained waiting (to attack) at that time, Kuruntas was prepared to die for me. He protected me, and he kept the oath which he had sworn and in no way did he turn aside (from his loyalty). But when the god took me, and I became king, then I made a treaty with Kuruntas as follows: those towns which were not placed on the treaty tablet of my father, those towns, along with field and meadow, (and) all deportees, I gave to Kuruntas (to hold) in vassalship. And whatever is within the Hulaya river-land, all (of it) remains for Kuruntas, king of Tarhuntassas (to hold) in vassalship. I have reestablished the borders well for him. I have returned the permanent rock sanctuary to him; and henceforth, let no one take away the permanent rock sanctuary from the descendants of Kuruntas.

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