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The Book of the Taking of Ireland

Patrizia de Bernardo Stempel, Caren Esser, and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Old Irish with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Old Irish Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Old Irish language and its speakers' culture.

Lebor Gabála Érenn 'The Book of the Taking of Ireland'

Is sund atfedar sechtgabáil, .i. gabáil rogab la Ciccul Gricenchoss an Inbiur Domnand: .i. cóica fer ocus trí cóica ban lín cecha cethraimthi díb, im Chicul mac Guil meic Gairb meic Túathaigh meic Gúmóir a Sléib Émóir, ocus Luth Luamnach a máthair. Dá cét bliadan dóib ar íascach ocus ar énach, conustoracht Partholón, co rofersat cath Muighi hÍtha, dianidh comainm sechtgabáil. Co romarbad Cichul ann, ocus co rodíthaigit Fomoraig [...].

Ceithri moigi roslechtad la Partholón ind Érind, .i. Magh nEthrige la Condachto, Magh nÍtha la Laigniu, .i. Ítha, gilla Parrtholóin do réighigh, Magh Latharna la Dál nAraidhi, Mag Lii la hÚa mic Úais etir Bir ocus Chamus.

Secht mbliadna íar ngabáil hÉrenn do Phartholón, atbath in cét fer dia muindtir, .i. Fea mac Tortán meic Srú meic Esrú, bráthair athar do Partholón.


It is here that the Taking of the Seven is told, that is, the taking which took place by Cichol Gricen-choss in Inber Domnand: that is, fifty men and three times fifty women [was] the full number of each fourth part of them, with Cichol mac Guil meic Gairb meic Tuathaigh meic Gumoir from Sliab Emoir, and Loth Luamnach, his mother. Two hundred years with them at fishing and at fowling, until Partholon came to them and they fought the battle of Mag Itha, from which originates the name 'Seven-Taking'. And Cichol was slain there and so the Fomoraig were destroyed.
Four fields were cleared by Partholon in Ireland, that is the Field of Ethrag in the territory of the Connachtmen, the Field of Ith in the territory of the Leinstermen -- that is of Ith, the companion of Partholon in clearing the land --, the Field of Lathairn in the territory of Dal Araide, the Field of Lii in the territory of the Ui mic Uais, between Bir and Camas.
Seven years after the conquest of Ireland by Partholon, the first man of his retinue died, that is Fea son of Tortan of the son of Sru of the son of Esru, brother of the father to Partholon.

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