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Luke II:1-20

Douglas Simms and Jonathan Slocum

Luke II: 1-20

Text from Wilhelm Streitberg, ed. Die Gotische Bibel, vol. 1. Heidelberg: Carl Winter's Universitätsbuchhandlung, 1919, pp. 91-93. Originally prepared by Douglas Simms; edited by Jonathan Slocum.

In place of the Gothic h-w diagraph, /hw/ has been inserted throughout. The individual verses have been arranged vertically so as to accommodate the glosses to the right. Each bold word/phrase in a gloss corresponds to a single word in the source; non-bold terms indicate grammatical information.

Luke 2:1
Warþ þan in dagans jainans happened pret; then; in; days masc,; those masc,
urrann gagrefts went-out pret; command fem,
fram kaisara Agustau from; emperor masc,; Augustus masc,
gameljan allana midjungard. enroll inf; all masc,; world masc,
'It happened in those days, (that) a command went forth from Caesar Augustus, to register the whole world.'
soh þan gilstrameleins this fem,; then; taxation fem,
frumista warþ first fem,, sup; happened pret.
at [wisandin kindina Swriais] at; being pres.ppl, wk.masc,; governor masc,; Syria
raginondin Saurim Kwrenaiau. ruling pres.ppl, wk.masc,; Syrians masc,; Quirinus masc,
'This first taxation came about when Quirinus [was governor of Syria] (and) was ruling over the Syrians.'
jah iddjedun allai, and; went pret; all masc,
ei melidai weseina, in-order-to conj; counted past ppl, masc,; be pret. opt.
hwarjizuh in seinai baurg. each masc,; in; his-own fem,; city fem,
'And all went, in order to be counted, each to his own city.'
urrann þan jah Iosef went-out pret; then; and; Joseph masc,
us Galeilaia us baurg Nazaraiþ from; Galilee; from; city fem,; Nazareth
in Iudaian, in baurg Daveidis into; Judea fem,; into; city fem,; David masc,
sei haitada Beþlaihaim, which rel.ptc, fem,; is-called pres. pass; Bethlehem
duþe ei for ptc; that conj.
was us garda fadreinais Daveidis, was pret; of; house masc,; lineage neut,; David masc,
'Joseph also went forth from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, into Judea, into the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house of the line of David'
anameljan miþ Mariin, to-register inf; with; Mary fem,
sei in fragiftim was imma qeins, who rel.ptc, fem,; in; betrothal fem,; was pret; him masc,; wife fem,
wisandein inkilþon. being pres.ppl, fem,; pregnant fem,
'to register with Mary, who, being pregnant, was betrothed to him as a wife.'
warþ þan miþþanei became pret; then; while
þo wesun jainar, they neut,; were pret; at-that-place
usfullnodedun dagos became-full pret. inch; days masc,
du bairan izai, to; bear inf; her fem,
'it happened then while they were there, (that) the days came for her to give birth'
jah gabar sunu seinana þana frumabaur, and; bore pret; son masc,; her-own masc,; that masc,; first-born-son masc,
jah biwand ina and; wrapped pret; him masc,
jah galagida ina in uzetin, and; laid pret; him masc,; in; manger masc,
unte ni was im rumis since conj; not neg.ptc; was pret; them neut,; room masc,
in stada þamma. in; place masc,; that masc,
'and she bore her son, the first-born, and wrapped him (up) and laid him in a manger, since there was no room for them in that place.'
jah hairdjos wesun and; shepherds masc,; were pret.
in þamma samin landa in; that neut,; same wk.neut,; land neut,
þairhwakandans jah witandans wahtwom staying-awake pres.ppl, masc,; and; keeping-watch pres.ppl, masc,; watches fem,
nahts ufaro hairdai seinai. night fem,; over; herd fem,; their-own fem,
'and there were shepherds in that same land, staying awake and keeping watch during the watches, over their herd at night.'
iþ aggilus fraujins anaqam ins then/lo! ptc; angel masc,; lord masc,; came-upon pret; them masc,
jah wulþus fraujins biskain ins, and; glory masc,; lord masc,; illuminated pret; them masc,
jah ohtedun agisa mikilamma. and; were-afraid pret; fear neut,; great neut,
'Lo!, an angel of the Lord came upon them and the glory of the Lord illuminated them, and they were afraid with a great fear'
jah qaþ du im sa aggilus: and; spoke pret; to; them masc,; that masc,; angel masc,
ni ogeiþ not; be-afraid imp.
unte sai spillo since; behold interj; tell pres.
izwis fahed mikila, you dat; joy fem,; great fem,
sei wairþiþ allai managein, which rel.ptc, fem,; becomes pres; all fem,; multitude fem,
'And the angel spoke to them: "Be not afraid, for, behold, I tell (of) a great joy, which comes about for all people,
þatei gabaurans ist izwis that-which rel.ptc, neut,; born past ppl, masc,; is pres; you dat.
himma daga nasjands, this masc,; day masc,; saviour masc,
saei ist Xristus frauja, that masc,; is pres; Christ masc,; lord masc,
in baurg Daveidis. in; city fem,; David masc,
'that born to you on this day is the Saviour, who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David.'
jah þata izwis taikns, and; this neut,; you dat; sign fem,
bigitid barn biwundan find pres; child neut,; wrapped past ppl, neut,
jah galagid in uzetin. and; laid past ppl, neut,; in; manger masc,
'and this (shall be) a sign to you, you (shall) find the child wrapped (in swaddling clothes) and lying in a manger.'
jah anaks warþ miþ þamma aggilau and; suddenly adv; became pret; with; that masc,; angel masc,
managei harjis himinakundis multitude fem,; host masc,; heavenly masc,
hazjandane guþ jah qiþandane: praising pres.ppl, masc,; god masc/neut,; and; saying pres.ppl, masc,
'and there came suddenly with that angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying:'
wulþus in hauhistjam guþa glory masc,; in; highest neut,; God masc/neut,
jah ana airþai gawairþi and; on; earth fem,; peace neut,
in mannam godis wiljins. in; men masc,; good masc,; will masc,
'"Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth, in people of good will".'
jah warþ biþe galiþun and; became pret; when; went pret.
fairra im in himin þai aggiljus, far; them masc,; in; heaven masc,; those masc,; angels masc,
jah þai mans þai hairdjos and; they masc,; man masc,; they masc,; shepherds masc,
qeþun du sis misso: spoke pret; to; themselves refl.ptc,; back-and-forth
þairhgaggaima ju and Beþlahaim go imp; indeed ptc; toward; Bethlehem
jah saihwaima waurd þata waurþano, and; see imp; word neut,; this neut,; having-become past ppl, wk.neut,
þatei frauja gakannida unsis. which rel.ptc, neut,; lord masc,; made-known pret; us dat.
'And it happened, when the angels went far from them into heaven, (that) the shepherds said one-to-another: "Let us go down into Bethlehem and see this tiding, having occurred, which the Lord made known to us.'
jah qemun sniumjandans, and; came pret; hurrying pres.ppl, masc,
jah bigetun Marian jah Iosef, and; found pret; Mary fem,; and; Joseph masc,
jah þata barn ligando in uzetin. and; that neut,; child neut,; lying pres.ppl, neut,; in; manger masc,
'And hurrying they came and found Mary and Joseph and the child lying in the manger.'
gasaihwandans þan perceiving pres.ppl, masc,; then
gakannidedun bi þata waurd made-known pret; by; that neut,; word neut,
þatei rodiþ was which rel.ptc, neut,; said past ppl, neut,; was pret.
du im bi þata barn. to; them masc,; by; that neut,; barn neut,
'Perceiving (this) then, they made the tiding known, which was told to them about the child.'
jah allai þai gahausjandans and; all masc,; those masc,; hearing pres.ppl, masc,
sildaleikidedun bi þo rodidona were-amazed pret; by; those neut,; having-been-said past ppl, neut,
fram þaim hairdjam du im; from; those masc,; shepherds masc,; to; them masc,
'And all those who heard were amazed at the things told by the shepherds to them.'
iþ Maria alla gafastaida but; Mary fem,; all neut,; hid pret. pass.
þo waurda þagkjandei in hairtin seinamma. those neut,; words neut,; thinking pres.ppl, fem,; in; heart neut,; her-own neut,
'But Mary hid all these words, thinking in her heart.'
jah gawandidedun sik þai hairdjos and; turned pret; themselves refl.ptc,; those masc,; shepherds masc,
mikiljandans jah hazjandans guþ glorifying pres.ppl, masc,; and; praising pres.ppl, masc,; God masc/neut,
in allaize þizeei gahausidedun jah gasehwun, in; all neut,; these-which refl.ptc, neut,; heard pret; and; saw pret.
swaswe rodiþ was du im. just-as; told past ppl, neut,; was pret; to; them masc,
'And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all those things which they heard and saw, just as was told to them.'

Key to gloss abbreviations:

Abbrev.   Meaning
1. = 1st (person)
2. = 2nd (person)
3. = 3rd (person)
acc. = accusative (case)
adv. = adverb
conj. = conjunction
dat. = dative (case)
fem. = feminine (gender)
gen. = genitive (case)
imp. = imperative (mood)
inch. = inchoative
inf. = infinitive (verb form)
interj. = interjection
masc. = masculine (gender)
neg. = negative
neut. = neuter (gender)
nom. = nominative (case)
opt. = optative (mood)
pass. = passive (voice)
pl. = plural (number)
ppl. = participle (verb form)
pres. = present (tense)
pret. = preterite (tense)
ptc. = particle
refl. = reflexive
rel. = relative
sg. = singular (number)
sup. = superlative (adj.)
wk. = weak

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