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Old Norse

Note: there are great disparities in capability among personal computers in contemporary use. Unfortunately, support for Unicode® and/or the repertoire of fonts installed on your personal computer cannot be detected by a web server! Accordingly, we have prepared multiple versions of each text; this set of texts is for systems/browsers with Unicode support and fonts spanning the Unicode 3 character set relevant to Old Norse. (You may switch to other versions via links below.) Texts:

  1. Ari Þorgilsson: On the Settling of Iceland
  2. from the Prologue of Snorra Edda
  3. from the Grettis saga
  4. from the Njáls saga
  5. from the Egils saga
  6. from the Tale of Bǫðvarr Bjarki
  7. from the Battle of Stamford Bridge
  8. The Waking of Angantýr
  9. from the Vǫluspá
  10. from the Hávamál


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