Old Persian: excerpt from DNa (1-14, 30-55)

Scott L. Harvey and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Old Persian with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Old Iranian Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Old Persian language and its speakers' culture.

Old Persian: excerpt from DNa

1 baga vazraka Auramazdā hya imām 2 būmim adā hya avam asmānam 3 adā hya martiyam adā hya 4 šiyātim adā martiyahyā 5 hya Dārayavaum xšāyaθiyam akunauš 6 aivam parūvnām xšāyaθiyam 7 aivam parūvnām framātāram 8 adam Dārayavauš xšāyaθiya vazraka 9 xšāyaθiya xšāyaθiyānām 10 xšāyaθiya dahyūnām vispazanānām 11 xšāyaθiya ahyāyā būmiyā 12 vazrakāyā dūraiapiy Vištāspahyā 13 puça haxāmanišiya pārsa pārsahyā 14 puça ariya ariyaciça ...

30 ... θātiy 31 Dārayavauš xšāyaθiya Auramazdā yaθā 32 avaina imām būmim yaudatim 33 pasāvadim manā frābara mām xšāyaθiyam 34 akunauš adam xšāyaθiya 35 amiy vašnā Auramazdāhā adamšim 36 gāθavā niyašādayam tyašām 37 adam aθaham ava akunava yaθā mām 38 kāma āha yadipatiy maniyāhaiy tya 39 ciyakaram āha avā dahyāva 40 tyā Dārayavauš xšāyaθiya 41 adāraya patikarā dīdiy tyaiy gāθum 42 baratiy avadā xšnāsāhy 43 adataiy azdā bavātiy pārsahyā 44 martiyahyā dūraiy arštiš 45 parāgmatā adataiy azdā bavātiy 46 pārsa martiya dūrayapiy hacā Pārsā 47 partaram patiyajatā θātiy 48 Dārayavauš xšāyaθiya aita tya kartam 49 ava visam vašnā Auramazdāhā 50 akunavam Auramazdāmaiy upastām abara 51 yātā kartam akunavam mām 52 Auramazdā pātuv hacā gastā utāmaiy 53 viθam utā imām dahyāum aita adam 54 Auramazdām jadiyāmiy aitamaiy 55 Auramazdā dadātuv


1 Great is the god Ahura Mazda, who 2 created this earth, who 3 created this sky, who created mankind, who 4 created happiness for mankind, 5 who made Darius the king, 6 one king of many, 7 one overlord of many. 8 I [am] Darius: great king, 9 king of kings, 10 king of the lands of all men, 11 king on this great earth 12 far and wide, son of Hystaspes 13 an Achaemenid, a Persian, son 14 of a Persian, an Aryan of Aryan descent ...
30 ... Darius the king declares: 31 When Ahura Mazda 32 saw the [peoples of] the earth rising up, 33 he then bestowed it upon me. He 34 made me king, [and therefore] I 35 am king. By the will of Ahura Mazda 36 I put it down in [its] place. 37 They did that which I asked of them, as 38 was my wish. [And] if you would wonder, 39 "How many were those countries 40 which Darius the King 41 held?" look at the reliefs [of those] who 42 bear the throne. Then you will know. 44 "The spear of a Persian man has 45 gone forth a great distance." [And] thus it will become known to you: 46 "A Persian man has done 47 battle far indeed from Persia." Darius the King 48 declares: I did all this which has been done 49 by the will of Ahura Mazda. 50 Ahura Mazda bore me aid 51 until I accomplished the task. 52 May Ahura Mazda protect me from evil, and 53 my house, and this country. This I 54 pray to Ahura Mazda: may Ahura Mazda 55 give this to me.

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