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Old Persian: excerpt from XPh (28-56)

Scott L. Harvey and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Old Persian with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Old Iranian Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Old Persian language and its speakers' culture.

Old Persian: excerpt from XPh

28 ... θātiy Xšayāršā 29 xšāyaθiya yaθā tya adam 30 xšāyaθiya abavam astiy atar aitā 31 dahyāva tyaiy upariy nipištā 32 ayauda pasāvamaiy Auramazdā upastām 33 abara vašnā Auramazdahā ava dahyāvam 34 adam ajanam utašim gāθavā nīšādayam 35 utā atar aitā dahyāva āha yadātya 36 paruvam daivā ayadiya pasāva vašnā 37 Auramazdahā adam avam daivadānam 38 viyakanam utā patiyazbayam daivā 39 mā yadiyaiša yadāyā paruvam daivā 40 ayadiya avadā adam Auramazdām ayadaiy 41 artācā brazmaniya utā aniyašca 42 āha tya duškartam akariya ava adam 43 naibam akunavam aita tya adam 44 akunavam visam vašnā Auramazdahā akunavam 45 Auramazdāmaiy upastām abara 46 yātā kartam akunavam tuva kā hya 47 apara yadimaniyāiy šiyāta ahaniy 48 jīva utā marta artāvā ahaniy 49 avanā dātā parīdiy tya Auramazdā 50 niyaštāya Auramazdām yadaišā 51 artācā brazmaniya martiya hya avanā 52 dātā pariyaita tya Auramazdā 53 nīštāya utā Auramazdām yadataiy 54 artācā brazmaniya hauv utā jīva 55 šiyāta bavatiy utā marta artāvā 56 bavatiy ...


28 ... Xerxes the King 29 declares: Since [the time] that I 30 have become king, there is among those 31 lands inscribed above [one that] 32 was rising up. And thereupon, Ahura Mazda 33 bore me aid. By the will of Ahura Mazda I struck [that] country 34 down and I [now] put it down in [its] place. 35 And among these lands there was [also] one where 36 the daivas were once worshipped; [but] later, by the will 37 of Ahura Mazda, I uprooted that altar to the daivas, 38 and proclaimed: "The daivas 39 shall not be worshipped!" [Then,] 40 being reverent, I worshipped Ahura Mazda and Truth where the daivas were worshipped once before. 41 And there was yet another thing 42 that had been done for ill, [and] that I 43 made right, [too]. All this that I did, 44 I did by the will of Ahura Mazda. 45 Ahura Mazda bore me aid, 46 as long as I was doing the deed. [And] if you who [would come] 47 after [me] should think, "May I be happy 48 [as long as I am] living, may I be blessed [when I am] dead," 49 [then] on account of that, honor the laws which Ahura Mazda has 50 set down. You, being reverent, should worship Ahura Mazda 51 and Truth. The man who, on account of that, 52 honors the laws which Ahura Mazda sets 53 down, and [who], being reverent, worships Ahura Mazda 54 and Truth, both becomes happy [as long as he is] living 55 and becomes blessed 56 [when he is] dead ...

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