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Early Indo-European Texts

Old Church Slavonic

Todd B. Krause and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Old Church Slavonic with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Old Church Slavonic Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Old Church Slavonic language and its speakers' culture.

from the Suffering of the 40 Martyrs

по трєхъ жє дьнєхъ јавишѧ сѧ єпискѹпѹ града того имєнємь пєтрѹ јако сѫтъ съхран҄єнъі кости нашѧ сємь мѣстѣ | приди ѹбо вь ношти и ізнєси нъі издрѣкъі | и поимъ єпископъ клирикъі и мѫжѧ вѣрьнъі и пришєдъ ста на брѣзѣ рѣкъі | и сє просвьтѣшѧ сѧ кости свѧтъіихъ вь водѣ акъі и свѣтильници | и аштє кдє оставьєна бъіваашє кость свѣтомъ јавьјашє сѧ | и тако събъравъшє кости свѧтъіихъ мѫчєникъ положишѧ ѧ въ ракахъ | и сицє пострадавъшє вѣньчани бъішѧ | и сијаѭтъ јако и звѣздъі вь вьсємь мирѣ богѹ вѣровавъшє христа исповѣдавьшє свѧтааго дѹха нє отъврьгъшє сѧ прославьѥни бъівъшє о христѣ | памѧть вь житии сємь оставишѧ на съпасєниѥ вьсѥмъ вѣрѹѭштиімъ въ отьцъ и съінъ и свѧтъіи дѹхъ | ѧти жє бъішѧ свѧтии мѫчєници на мѫчєниѥ о христѣ прѣждє чєтъірь каландъ марта цир'чь въ кѕ фєѵроара | прѣдашѧ жє своѧ дѹшѧ господєви прѣждє ѕ дьнь марта при лик҄инии самовладастьци | нам жє цѣсарьствѹѭштѹ господѹ нашємѹ и богѹ и съпасѹ владъіцѣ нашємѹ иисѹсѹ христѹ ѥмѹжє ѥстъ слава и дръжава и чєсть нъін҄ѣ и присно и вь вѣкъі вѣкомь аминъ |


And after three days they revealed themselves to the bishop of that city, Peter by name, that 'our bones are protected in this place. Come, therefore, during the night and carry us out of the river.' (5) And the bishop took the clerics and men of faith and came to stand on the bank of the river. And lo the bones of the saints shone forth in the water like lanterns. And wherever a bone was left, it would shine forth with light. (10) And in this way having collected the bones of the holy martyrs, they commended them to coffins, and so those who suffered were crowned and shine as stars over the whole world, having had faith in God and having confessed Christ. (15) Nor did they reject the Holy Spirit; glorified in Christ, they cast off the memory of this world for salvation for all those believing in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The saints were held martyrs in martyrdom of Christ (20) four days before the Kalends of March, that is, on the 26th of February. They commended their souls to the Lord seven days before the Ides of March, during the time of the ruler Licinius; having power over us, however, our Lord and God and Savior, our ruler Jesus Christ, (25) whose is the glory and power and honor, now and always, for ever and ever. Amen.

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