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Early Indo-European OnLine (EIEOL)

Here you will find a collection of free introductory language lessons, designed to give learners access to the texts of that language. Lessons are written with no assumptions about prior knowledge of the language or linguistics on the part of the reader. Each series contains historical and/or literary texts (translated word by word), along with grammatical points and a glossary.

Indo-European Lexicon

This enormous collection catalogues and indexes words from a variety of Indo-European languages, linking those that developed from the same root word in the reconstructed ancestral language (PIE) to each other as well as to the reconstructed original word, or "etymon." The PIE etyma in the lexicon include most of the main entries from Julius Pokorny's Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch, the majority of which are linked to pages listing their "reflexes" in descendant languages.

Online Books about Indo-European Languages and Historical Linguistics

A collection of books on historical linguistics, published online to ensure continued, widespread availability.

Early Indo-European Texts

A collection of texts in a variety of Indo-European languages representing each the known language families. Texts are grouped by where the language/dialect was spoken, and accompanied by present-day maps of those regions.


A complete, metrically restored edition of the Rigveda in its original language.


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