The University of Texas at Austin Latino Research Initiative


This research demonstrates that culturally adapting evidence-based parenting interventions that overtly address racism, discrimination, and other immigration-related challenges; has enhanced impacts compared to interventions that do not overtly address these challenges.
Keywords: Parenting interventions, immigrants, Latino families, racism, discrimination
Collaborators: Ruben Parra-Cardona


This study explores the impact of the pandemic on the mental health and well-being of Latinx caregivers of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It (1) identifies which social determinants of health are correlated with maternal caregivers perceived general health, mental health, and well-being; (2) explores the impact of the pandemic on families’ overall eating and physical activity routines; and (3) identifies emergent themes from caregivers’ experiences during the pandemic. 
Keywords: COVID-19, disability, Latinx, mental health, well-being
Collaborators: Vanessa L. Errisuriz, Sandra Vanegas, Deborah Parra-Medina, Sandy Magaña   


Karma Chávez interviews Rubén Parra-Cardona about his  co-authored study about the importance of faith-based organizations in taking leadership roles in implementing physical and mental health care initiatives.
Keywords: Parenting interventions, Latino families, faith-based organizations, physical and mental health care initiatives.
Collaborators: Ruben Parra-Cardona  


LatinXperts Episode 20: How do we reduce disparities for Latino children with Autism Spectrum Disorder? (podcast) Karma Chávez interviews Sandy Magaña about her research related to health disparities, health equity, and Latino children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Keywords: Parenting interventions, Latino families, autism
Collaborators: Sandy Magaña 



Areas of Research

The Impact of COVID on Latino Communities
Mental Health
Education/College Life