The University of Texas at Austin Latino Research Initiative

Institute Curriculum

Our institute sessions address the following goals of IQRMI-ADS:
> Evaluate critical race and intersectional perspectives to interpret research
> Enhance qualitative research data analyses, holistic interpretation, and analytic writing
> Provide guidance on the completion of the doctoral degree and professional development strategies to support transition to a postdoctoral/academic position

Our core faculty specialize in: 
> Promoting economic, social, and educational opportunities for working-class families
> Addressing disparities and inequities in health and mental health
> Contextualizing everyday arts and practice as forms of cultural citizenship 

2020 Institute Session Titles: 
Intersectional Methodology: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Class and Sexuality
Positionality and Reflexivity
Professional Session: Biographical and Research Statements
Open Coding and Memos
Concept Formation and Critical Analysis
Behavioral and Social Science Mixed-Methods Research Design
Professional Session: CV and Cover Letter 
Qualitative Analysis with Software Programs
Queering Representation (Gender Studies and Media)
Building and Maintaining Mentoring Relationships
Searching and Applying to Post-Doc Programs
Professional Session: Video Interviews/Mock Job Talk

Social Opportunities:  
When we designed this institute, in addition to wanting to provide a robust curriculum and an array of faculty interactions that would support your developing body of research, we also prioritized the simple, but powerful experience of being in a room full of peers who understood you and your work. Since its beginning, we've watched participants walk away as confidants and friends, back to their institutions to carry on what can be a lonely journey for many scholars who dare to work outside the margins. To create an environment, albeit online, that gives you the room to get to know each other as scholars and as people, we have incorporated small working groups, breaks, and informal happy hours into the virtual schedule for the 2021 institute.