The University of Texas at Austin Latino Research Initiative

Institute Curriculum

Our institute sessions address the following goals of IQRMI-ADS:
> Use critical race and intersectional perspectives to interpret research
> Enhance qualitative research data analyses, holistic interpretation, and analytic writing
> Provide guidance on the completion of the doctoral degree and professional development strategies to support transition to a postdoctoral/academic position

Our core faculty specialize in: 
> Promoting economic, social, and educational opportunities for working-class families
> Addressing disparities and inequities in health and mental health
> Contextualizing everyday arts and practice as forms of cultural citizenship 

2021 Institute Session Titles: 
Intersectional Methodology: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Class and Sexuality
Positionality and Reflexivity
Professional Session: Biographical and Research Statements
Open Coding and Memos
Concept Formation and Critical Analysis
Behavioral and Social Science Mixed-Methods Research Design
Professional Session: CV and Cover Letter 
Qualitative Analysis with Software Programs
Queering Representation (Gender Studies and Media)
Building and Maintaining Mentoring Relationships
Searching and Applying to Post-Doc Programs
Professional Session: Video Interviews/Mock Job Talk