The University of Texas at Austin Latino Research Initiative


This summer was our first experimentation in a remotely-delivered format, and we were relieved to find that community among participants and faculty was as strong as ever. While we couldn't recreate the simple, but powerful experience of being in a room together, a combination of small working groups and individual consultations ensured that scholars from around the country left as colleagues, friends, and confidants. Even virtually, we remain committed to prioritizing this fundamental aspect of the Institute experience for all of our scholars.
Watch a short day-by-day snapshot of the 2020 Institute to see how IQRMI-ADS works virtually. 


Watch a recap of the 2019 Summer Institute. 


Learn more about the inaugural year of IQRMI-ADS. We interviewed participants on a number of different subjects related to their week-long experience. 
Reasons to Attend IQRMI-ADS
Finding Support as an Intersectional Scholar
Lessons in Mixed Methods
Building Your Interdisciplinary Network
Being an Activist and an Academic