The University of Texas at Austin Latino Research Initiative

Intersectional Qualitative Research Methods Institute for Advanced Doctoral Students

Applications for 2020 are now closed. Please check back in October 2020 for next summer's application.

You can now stream a recording of our Live FAQ session which took place on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Meet the core faculty and get additional info about the Institute. Watch here. 

Or visit our FAQ page here. 

Please read the following message about changes to this year's Institute: 

In compliance with social-distancing restrictions that have been put into place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this year's Institute will take place virtually. While the 2020 Institute experience will differ from previous years, we promise a variety of on-demand content, live plenary sessions, small working groups, and individual consultations with core faculty. But more importantly, our goal over the next two months as we shift to this new, remotely-delivered format, is to use this as an opportunity to focus the Institute's curriculum and innovate the tradition of scholarly dialogue through digital interaction. We can't wait to experience this virtual assembly with you, our special community of intersectional scholars, and assess together how our work has both been impacted by and will impact a world changed by COVID.

About the Institute:

The Latino Research Institute at The University of Texas at Austin is partnering with the Consortium on Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (CRGE) at the University of Maryland, College Park to provide advanced doctoral students a unique training opportunity at the Intersectional Qualitative Research Methods Institute for Advanced Doctoral Students (IQRMI-ADS). Few training institutes in the U.S. focus on qualitative research methods and, currently, none incorporate discussions regarding the intersections of race, gender, class, ethnicity, and other dimensions of inequity. In addition to facilitating these important conversations, this institute provides practical lessons in professional development to intersectional scholars in their pursuit of successful research careers.

Goals of IQRMI-ADS:

  • Develop critical race and intersectional perspectives for designing and interpreting research
  • Enhance qualitative research data analyses, holistic interpretation, and analytic writing
  • Provide guidance on the completion of the doctoral degree and professional development strategies to support transition to a postdoctoral or academic position

Through daily seminars, writing groups, and interactions with peer colleagues, IQRMI-ADS participants have the opportunity to apply their new skills to enhance the interpretation of their qualitative data analysis. This year's core faculty specialize in the following areas of scholarship (though all research areas are welcomed):

  • Promoting economic, social, and educational opportunities for working-class families
  • Addressing disparities and inequities in health and mental health

  • Contextualizing everyday arts and practice as forms of cultural citizenship

General Information: (dates have been changed to reflect the new virtual schedule)

When: Monday, June 22 – Thursday, June 25, 2020

Where: Online via Zoom and Canvas

Registration Fee: $900.00 (Please consult with LRI staff regarding reduced fee for virtual institute.)

Application Deadline: The deadline for IQRMI 2020 has passed. Please check back in October 2020 for next year's application.

See here for additional information about CRGE and IQRMI for early career faculty.  

Applicant Criteria:

  • Doctoral students must have advanced to candidacy within the last three years
  • Applicants must have collected data on an intersectional qualitative research project
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in an academic program at a U.S. accredited institution

Scholars who are Mexican American, African American, Native American, Puerto Rican, or from other socially and economically disadvantaged groups are encouraged to apply.

For inquiries about IQRMI-ADS, contact