The University of Texas at Austin Latino Research Initiative

2018 Session Titles

  • Behavioral & Social Science Mixed-Methods Research Design 
  • Bio & CV Development 
  • Building and Maintaining Mentoring Relationships 
  • Career Tracks in the Academy 
  • Collaborative Research/Writing 
  • Community-Engaged Research Approaches 
  • Cover Letter
  • Funding Your Research
  • Intersectional Methodology 
  • IRB Process for Qualitative Studies 
  • Mock Job Talk  
  • Positionality & Reflexivity 
  • Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals  
  • Qualitative Analysis with Software Programs
  • Qualitative Inquiry & Concept Formation: Informing Intervention Development
  • Research Presentation Interviews 
  • Searching/Applying to Post-Doc Programs 
  • Statement of Research
  • Using Intersectionality Theory as a Sensitizing Framework to Code Qualitative Data

For more information and to apply, visit the IQRMI-ADS Application.
Scholars who are Mexican American, African American, Native American, Puerto Rican, or from other socially and economically disadvantaged groups are encouraged to apply.

For inquiries about IQRMI-ADS, contact