About Magistra

Magistra is a resource website and database for material related to the instruction of beginning and intermediate Latin.  This website provides up-to-date news, information on departmental policies and practices, and resources relevant to both teachers and students in the Classics Department at the University of Texas at Austin.  Magistra was developed and is currently maintained by James Inman, Chuck Oughton, James Patterson, and Dygo Tosa.  Its development was funded by grants from the Texas Language Center and the Department of Classics at the University of Texas, Austin.

Behind Magistra's public face is a growing and fully searchable database of teaching material, including quizzes, exams, exercises, classroom activities, handouts, and thoughts on pedagogy.  Here teachers both within and beyond the Classics Department at the University of Texas can share thoughts on teaching and find resources for Latin (as well as Greek and other Classical Civilization courses).  We are keen to see the database expand with new users, so please contact the Project Supervisor below to request access.

Magistra is supervised by:

Dr. Jen Ebbeler, Language Coordinator
Associate Professor of Classics

Department of Classics
The University of Texas at Austin
2210 Speedway, Stop C3400
Austin, TX 78712-1738

Please direct questions and comments to Dr. Ebbeler.