Latin 311: Intermediate Latin I

This course is a continuation of Latin 507 (or 601C). In Latin 311, students read Book 3 of Caesar’s Civil War. The aim of the class is to develop students’ Latin reading and comprehension skills through careful translation of assigned and unseen passages; to review the basic morphology and syntax learned in Latin 506 and 507 while introducing students to new forms and syntax as they arise; to enhance students’ basic Latin vocabulary; and to introduce students to the literary and historical context of Caesar’s narrative.

Class time will be devoted to the translation of assigned Latin passages, ranging from 8-10 lines early in the semester to about 25 lines by the end of the semester. Students will be expected to identify and explain the morphology and syntax of the assigned Latin. There will also be regular class discussions of the historical context and literary features of Caesar’s narrative. Students should expect homework assignments for each class meeting as well as regular quizzes, both announced and unannounced. Final grades will be determined by attendance and in-class participation; quizzes; midterm exams; and a comprehensive final exam. A grade of C or higher is required to advance to Latin 312.

The completion of Latin 507 or 601C with a grade of C or higher is a prerequisite for Latin 311. Latin 311 partially fulfills the foreign language requirement and may also be counted towards the General Culture requirement. It may not be counted by students offering two or more admission units or any previous college credit in Latin.