Latin 322

This course serves as the gateway between intermediate and advanced Latin, and its main goal is to increase your speed and accuracy in reading and understanding Latin prose and poetry. To achieve this goal, the focus will be on consolidating morphology and syntax and on expanding vocabulary and sight reading skills. Assignments will range from 10-15 lines of Latin at the start of the semester to 35-40 lines at the end of the semester. The majority of class time will be devoted to translating prepared passages and reviewing syntax and morphology; but we will also take time to discuss the literary and historical context of our readings. Exercises in close reading of selected passages will introduce basic methodologies for interpreting Latin texts and for speaking and writing critically about them in their literary and historical context.

Grades will be based on attendance, preparation, in-class participation, midterm exams, and a comprehensive final exam.

A grade of C or higher is a prerequisite for continuing to Latin 323.