Latin 506: First Year Introductory Latin I

This course is the first half of a year-long introduction to the basic forms, syntax, and vocabulary of Latin. Translating Latin sentences and passages also introduces students to Roman culture. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to reproduce paradigms of most Latin noun, adjective, and verb forms; able to parse and explain the function of Latin words in context; familiar with basic Latin syntax and vocabulary; and able to translate accurately from Latin into English. Students are also expected to master basic pronunciation of Latin words.

Class time will be devoted to the introduction of new material, reviewing assigned homework, and practice exercises. Students should expect daily homework assignments and quizzes, both announced and unannounced. Final grades will be determined by attendance and in-class participation; quizzes; three midterm exams; and a comprehensive final exam. A grade of C or higher is required to advance to Latin 507.

Latin 506 has no prerequisites; no prior knowledge of Latin is assumed. Latin 506 partially fulfills the foreign language requirement and may also be counted towards the General Culture requirement. It may not be counted by students offering two or more admission units or any previous college credit in Latin.