Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies
Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies

Internal Graduate Fellowships

Call for Applicants
IUPLR-Mellon Fellowships

The Inter-University Program for Latino Research is now accepting applications for the IUPLR/Mellon Fellowship Program (academic year 2019–20). The program supports ABD doctoral students in the humanities who are writing dissertations in Latina/o studies. Doctoral students in the social sciences whose research uses humanities methods may also be considered. The fellowship facilitates completion of the dissertation and provides professional development, job market support, and mentoring for students who will graduate in Spring 2020.

With support from the Andrew G. Mellon Foundation, IUPLR will select fellows through five designated research centers:

  • The Center for Mexican American Studies and Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies at the University of Texas at Austin
  • The Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA
  • The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute
  • Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños at CUNY
  • The Latin American and Latino Studies Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago

The fellowship includes a $25,000 stipend and travel support to attend IUPLR conferences and a required two-week summer institute in Chicago. Matriculation fees and health insurance will be paid by the home institution, provided that the fellow is in residence. 

Who is eligible?

Applications will only be accepted from Ph.D. candidates enrolled at UT Austin, UCLA, CUNY, and UIC. Applicants will be considered by the IUPLR affiliated unit at their home institution (see list above).

Applicants must have advanced to candidacy (ABD status) and be completing a Latina/o Studies dissertation in the humanities or in a humanities-adjacent discipline. Applications will not be accepted from candidates who have not yet defended their dissertation proposal. As this is a dissertation completion fellowship, all applicants should already have a significant portion of the dissertation drafted. Finally, applicants should be planning to pursue a career in teaching or research.

During the fellowship year, students must be enrolled at their home institution. Fellows will be expected to forego other employment during the year.

Application Materials

  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Dissertation Prospectus, including chapter outlines;
  3. Completed chapters (if available);
  4. Writing plan that demonstrates ability to defend dissertation during fellowship year; and
  5. Recommendation letters from the dissertation chair and a Latina/o Studies faculty member. The letter from the dissertation chair should confirm that the applicant has defended the proposal and will be able to graduate by Spring 2020. Letters must be sent directly to the contact person below by the recommenders, not the applicant.

Deadlines, Important Dates and Submission

  • Application materials must arrive by Friday, November 30, 2018.
  • Fellows will attend the IUPLR/Mellon Summer Institute in Chicago, June 2019 (mandatory).
  • Fellowship stipends will begin June 15, 2019.
  • Send all queries and application materials by Friday, November 30, 2018 to Natasha Saldaña ( Late applications will not be considered.

Please direct UT Austin IUPLR-Mellon Fellowship inquires to:

Dr. Julie A. Minich, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies at The University of Texas at Austin 

Natasha Saldaña, Senior Academic Coordinator, Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies at The University of Texas at Austin

MALS Dissertation Fellowship

The MALS Dissertation Fellowship is intended to support a graduate student completing a doctoral dissertation (Ph.D./Ed.D.) at The University of Texas at Austin for one academic year. The award includes funding for the fall and spring semesters. The award cannot be renewed for a second year.  The recipient of the MALS Dissertation Fellowships must demonstrate superior qualifications and be completing a doctoral dissertation (Ph.D./Ed.D.) that is consistent with the scholarly aims of the Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies. This is a completion fellowship. The award requires that the recipient be enrolled in the Graduate Portfolio Program in Mexican American and Latina/o Studies.

The MALS Dissertation Fellowship includes a stipend provided by in the amount of $20,000 allocated in nine monthly payments beginning September 1, 2019 and ending May 1, 2020.  MALS will also pay for tuition and fees for the fall semester 2019 and spring semester 2020.  Finally, the award includes a supplement that can be used to purchase health insurance.  This award cannot be held with other assistance provided by MALS, The University of Texas at Austin, or any other outside resource. This award is subject to the income reporting policies of The University of Texas at Austin.

Application Materials

  1. Letter of Application (submitted by the student summarizing the dissertation topic and outlining the anticipated schedule for completion of the dissertation);
  2. Letter from the Dissertation Committee Chair (supporting the application and verifying the anticipated schedule for completion of the dissertation);
  3. Curriculum Vitae;
  4. Completed dissertation chapters (if available); and
  5. MALS Financial Assistance Form.

Deadline and Submission

The EXTENDED application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 30, 2018. Send all application materials by Friday, November 30, 2018 to Natasha Saldaña (

Questions regarding the application process and financial assistance for graduate students can be directed to Natasha Saldaña at (512) 471-2134.

Please note that all fellowships are awarded through a merit-based, competitive evaluation process. Priority will be given to students enrolled in graduate degree programs in the Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies.