Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies
Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies
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Andie Flores

Graduate Student

Education: B.A., Design Studies, Barrett the Honors College, Arizona State University

Interests: Performance Art; Coalitional Politics; Interventionist Art Practices; Queer Futurity

Photo of Alhelí Harvey

Alhelí Harvey

Graduate Student

Interests: Borderlands Studies; Architecture and Aesthetics; Urbanism; Cultural Geography

Jereny Mendoza

Graduate Student

Education: B.A., Government & Interdisciplinary Studies, Eastern Washington University

Photo of Elena Perez-Zetune

Elena Perez-Zetune

Graduate Student

Education: B.A., English Literature and Spanish/Latin American Studies, Gettsburg College

Interests: Chicana/Latina identity; Mexican Immigration in Northeastern United States

Photo of Anahí Ponce

Anahí Ponce

Graduate Student

Education: B.A., English and American Literature, University of Texas at El Paso

Interests: Latinx Literatures; Social Movements; US-Third World Feminisms; Queer Theory; Coalitional Politics; Digital Humanities

Photo of Daniel Vázquez Sanabria

Daniel Vázquez Sanabria

Graduate Student

Education: B.A., Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, CUNY-Brooklyn College

Interests: Puerto Rican Studies; Puerto Rican Sign Language (PRLS); Deaf Studies; Metrocentrismo

Photo of Alexandra Villarreal

Alexandra Villarreal

Graduate Student

Education: B.A., Hispanic Studies, Columbia University

Interests: Asylum; Migration