Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies
Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies

Student Internships 

Organization LogosThe MALS major requires students to complete either a semester-long internship or an education abroad program. However, many students find that they can't afford to take an unpaid internship or spend a semester abroad.

In response to these obstacles, MALS has fully incorporated the internship requirement into its curriculum in order to more actively support the professional development of its students, especially low-income students for whom professional internships are often impossible. MALS students now have the opportunity to enroll in an internship course during the spring semester between their sophomore and senior years.

Under the guidance of MALS faculty, students complete a semester-long internship with an academic or administrative unit at UT, a local organization, or a company of their choosing. Students are required to register for MAS 375, the in-class component of the internship, which allows them to reflect on their professional experience and learn to apply the MALS curriculum in the real world.

The best part? Students get paid.

MALS has arranged for interning students to receive a stipend of $1,800 (i.e., $900 at mid-semester and $900 at the end of the semester) to ease the strain on their schedules and their finances. The hope is that this will make it possible for every MALS student to gain the professional experience needed to become a competitive applicant for post-graduate positions.

Education Abroad

As part of the College Liberal Arts, MALS encourages students to consider all of their education abroad options. A number of faculty-led programs exist that allow our majors to travel and study in countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Panama. One of the most popular programs is the Latinx Identities Across the Americas (Maymester) held in Mexico.

This interdisciplinary course is based in Puebla, Mexico and introduces students to emergent research on Latinx identity in K-12 and higher education, focused on the topic of masculinity as it is theorized and practiced in the U.S. and Mexico. Students are hosted by the Universidad de las Americas Puebla and have the opportunity to participate in service learning projects with local organizations. This Maymester course takes place between the end of May and third week of June, and is recommended for students examining issues of gender and masculinity, Mexican American history and immigration, anthropology, history, and sociology.