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Exemplaria: The Way We Do Theory Now

Thu, March 30, 2017

Event Poster
Event Poster

The Exemplaria Symposium

March 30-April 1, 2017

Glickman Conference Center, CLA 1.302

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Exemplaria: The Second Symposium
The Way We Do Theory Now
University of Texas at Austin, Glickman Conference Center CLA 1.302 B


Friday, March 30
10am-12 pm 
Forms of Theory & Theory of Form
Valerie Allen, “Formalism, Not”
Drew Daniel, “Re-Distributing the Sensible: Genre Theory After Ranciere”
Ingrid Nelson, “Formalism and Critical Theory”
Barbara Correll, “Out of Compass: Bataille, General Economy, and Early Modern Studies” 
LUNCH 12-2pm
2pm -3.30pm
Materials & Materialism
Katherine C. Little, “Ethics and Objects”
Andrew Murray, “Materialities: An Anti-theoretical Concept?”
Emily Houlik-Ritchey, “Ecologies of the Neighbor”
Spaces for Theory
Hall Bjornstad, “Always Already at the Threshold”
Matthew Boyd Goldie, “Being Ubiquitous: Space and the Pardoner”
Maura Nolan, “The Way We Do Theory in the Digital Age”
Saturday, March 31
Philosophies of Theory
Mark Miller, “The Medieval Irreparable”
Dan Blanton, “Theory After Thinking”
Wan-Chuan Kao, “Precarious Figures, Rigorous Styles” 
Andrew Cole, “Why Medievalists Should Read Hegel”
Sex & Gender, Theoretically
Holly Crocker, “Feminism Without Gender”
James Kuzner, “Textual Masochism” 
Julie Chamberlin, “Earnestness and Pleasure in the Way We Do Theory Now”
Affect & Desire
Jessica Rosenfeld, “Affect Theory, Philosophy of Mind, and Medieval Confession”
Rachel Anderson, “Rethinking Sacrifice: The Intersection of Belief and Biopolitics” 
Corey Sparks, “Digital Humanities as Anamorphosis”

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