Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Modern Middle East Series

The Modern Middle East Series is sponsored by the Center and published under the imprint of the University of Texas Press. The Center acquires the books in this series and pays the plant costs for them. The books, written by leading social scientists in the West and the Middle East, deal with modern topics concerning the area.

Book titles that appear in orange are available for purchase; click on the entry for more information.  Book titles that appear in gray are out of print.

  1. Muslim Reformers in Iran and Turkey: The Paradox of Moderation, by Güneş Murat Tezcür (2010)
  1. Islamism and Modernism: The Changing Discourse in Iran, 
by Farhang Rajaee (2007)
  1. A Tribal Order: Politics and Law in the Mountains of Yemen, 
by Shelagh Weir (2006)
  1. The Great Syrian Revolt and the Rise of Arab Nationalism, 
by Michael Provence (2005)
  1. Planning the Family in Egypt: New Bodies, New Selves, 
by Kamran Asdar Ali (2002)
  1. Men and Popular Music in Algeria: The Social Significance of Raï, 
by Marc Schade-Poulsen (1999)
  1. Slaves into Workers: Emancipation and Labor in Colonial Sudan, 
by Ahmad Alawad Sikainga (1996) (out of print)
  1. Women and Men in Late Eighteenth-Century Egypt, 
by Afaf Lutfi al-Sayyid Marsot (1995)
  1. The Performance of Emotion Among Paxtun Women, "The Misfortunes Which Have Befallen Me," 
by Benedicte Grima (1991) (out of print)
  1. Essays in Ottoman and Turkish History, 1774-1923, The Impact of the West, 
by Roderic H. Davison (1990) (out of print)
  1. Arabian Oasis City; The Transformation of Unayzah, 
by Soraya Altorki and Donald Cole (1989) (out of print)
  1. Musaddiq, Iranian Nationalism, and Oil, 
edited by Wm. Roger Louis and James A. Bill (1988) (out of print)
  1. Amal and the Shi'a, Struggle for the Soul of Lebanon, 
by Richard Norton (1987) (out of print)
  1. The End of the Palestine Mandate, 
edited, by Roger Louis and Robert Stookey (1986) (out of print)
  1. The Art of Reciting the Qur'an, 
by Kristina Nelson (1986) (out of print)
  1. Islam Against the West, Shakib Arslan and the Campaign for Islamic Nationalism, 
by William Cleveland (1985) (out of print)
  1. Government and Society in Rural Palestine, 
by Ylana Miller (1985) (out of print)
  1. Modern Islamic Political Thought, 
by Hamid Enayat (1982) (out of print)
  1. Land and Revolution in Iran, 1960-1980, 
by Eric Hooglund (1982) (out of print)
  1. Arabs in the Jewish State, Israel's Control of a National Minority, 
by Ian Lustick (1980) (out of print)
  1. Government and Society in Afghanistan, The Reign of Amir Abd al-Rahman Khan, 
by Hasan Kawun Kakar (1979) (out of print)
  1. Islamic Roots of Capitalism, Egypt, 1760-1840, 
by Peter Gran (1979) (out of print)
  1. Cultural Expression in Arab Society Today, 
by Jacques Berque (1978) (out of print)
  1. Lebanon in Strife, Student Preludes to the Civil War, 
by Halim Barakat (1977) (out of print)
  1. Moroccan Islam, Tradition and Society in a Pilgrimage Center, 
by Dale F. Eickelman (1976) (out of print)

Books in this series may be purchased through the UT Press Sales Web Site.  Information about out of print books is available through The University of Texas Press.

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