Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Invited Speakers


Sonia CristofaroSonia Cristofaro

Università di Pavia

Professor Cristofaro has worked within typology and cognitive linguistics primarily on syntax and grammatical categories. She has published on subordination, negation, complementation and clause linkage strategies. She has also contributed to methodological discussions on descriptive notions and evidence in diachronic and synchronic linguistics.

William Croft

William Croft

University of New Mexico

Professor Croft has written extensively on cognitive linguistics, linguistic variation and diversity, verbal semantics, and linguistic frameworks based on evolutionary models. He has also been instrumental in methodological discussions about the merits of, and problems with various approaches to language change and universals, such as Universal Grammar, Grammaticalization and more. Among his many and varied publications are two volumes with the Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics: Typology and Universals, and Cognitive Linguistics.

Alice HarrisAlice Harris

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

A renowned specialist in Caucasian languages, Professor Harris has written on diachronic syntax, both in specific language families and from a cross-linguistic perspective. She has also engaged with the relationship between typology and historical linguistics and how the latter may help linguists understand the former. She is a past associate editor of Linguistic Typology and Language.

Brian JosephBrian Joseph

Ohio State University

A distinguished university professor of linguistics and the Kenneth E. Naylor professor of South Slavic languages in linguistics, Brian Joseph is a versatile linguist whose interests cover the histories of several Indo-European branches (Greek, Albanian, Indic), Sprachbund (Balkan), and linguistic methodology and theory. He is the past editor of Diachronica and Language and the current co-editor of Journal of Greek Linguistics and The Oxford Handbook of Historical Linguistics.

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