Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Peace Corps Iran Association Conference

Iran Today: Quest for New Narratives

University of Texas at Austin 

May 28 - 31, 2015

Our theme is a “Quest for New Narratives” that will build understanding and cooperation with
Iran. For a truly engaging conference, we are soliciting proposals of many kinds.
Whether you are a scholar, student, artist, writer, traveler, Peace Corps volunteer or have other
expertise to contribute, we invite you to consider what you can offer the hundreds of returned
Peace Corps volunteers and others attending our bi-annual conference in May 2015.
General topic tracks:
Presentations should relate to at least one of our three topic tracks, listed here with examples:

• Understanding Iran today: Insights from Iranian history, geopolitics, art and literature, and
current events.

o Messages in contemporary film and visual arts
o Insights into current conflicts in light of Iran’s geopolitical perspectives
o How Iran’s history informs identity and aspirations today

• Expanding the dialog: The potential of web-based technologies, travel, and cultural and
technical exchange.

o Travel: reports from travelers, opportunities for travel to Iran)
o Hearing from Iranians in the United States
o Professional exchanges and non-governmental organization activity

• Leveraging the legacy of the Peace Corps in Iran: The value of personal contact and voluntary

o Techniques for effective story telling
o Presenting stories at the conference
o Lessons learned, relevance to international relations today

We encourage proposals that provide unique insights to help us ‘reconceive’ relations between
our countries and people. We are interested in collaborative proposals–for instance, assembling
a panel discussion on a topic of interest.

Download proposal form here.

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