Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

The Global Politics of Palestinian Liberation, 1967-75

Wed, November 20, 2013 | GAR 4.100

4:00 PM

The Global Politics of Palestinian Liberation, 1967-75

presents Dr. Paul Chamberlin
"The Global Politics of Palestinian Liberation, 1967-75"
Wednesday, November 20, 2013  4-6 PM    
GAR 4.100
Between 1967 and 1975 the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) burst onto the world stage and transformed the contours of the Arab-Israeli dispute. By casting itself as a national liberation movement and forging ties to other revolutionary groups around the Third World, the PLO won international attention and diplomatic support. However, the PLO's political victories in the international arena ran headlong into U.S. and Israeli efforts to contain the revolutionary organization on the ground.
Paul Thomas Chamberlin is associate professor of History at the University of Kentucky. His first book, The Global Offensive: The United States, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the Making of the Post-Cold War Order was published by Oxford University Press in 2012. He is currently working on an international history of the Cold War in the Third World titled The Cold War's Killing Fields:The Superpower Struggle and the Destruction of the Third World.

Sponsored by: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Clements Center for History, Strategy & Statecraft, and the LBJ School of Public Affairs

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