Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

MES Course Scheduling Policies & Information


All new cross-listings requests for MES courses must be first proposed to the MES course scheduling team via the Undergraduate Coordinator for undergraduate classes and Graduate Coordinator for graduate classes. Requests are discussed and approved by the scheduling team (coordinators, curriculum committee chair, and department chair). This policy is in place because cross-listings are limited to three and must be used strategically. The scheduling team considers the potential number of interested students when making a decision. 

When requesting cross-listings, please note:

  • Cross-listings can apply to an instructor or a course
  • Undergraduate classes cannot have any cross-listings the first time they are offered, and can only add cross-listings once they are added to the course inventory

Course Proposal Forms

New course proposals are to be submitted via these forms by the following deadlines: courses for the next summer/fall semester are due September 28, and courses for the next spring semester are due March 1.

Undergraduate Course Proposal Form 
Graduate Seminar Course Proposal Form

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