Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Room Reservations

There are three rooms available in Calhoun Hall that can be reserved by MES faculty, staff, and students for purposes that support the educational mission of the Center and Department.

CAL 515: Meeting Room 

  • Seats between 12 to 15 people, depending on room setup.
  • Used for meetings, language roundtables, recurring meetings, conference courses, etc.
  • Drop-down screen, built-in speakers, input console (requires laptop; connection cables can be borrowed from the front office)

CAL 516: Reading Room

  • Seats approximately 20 to 30 people
  • Used for large non-recurring meetings, receptions, brown-bag lunches, etc. The priority for usage during business hours is given to student-facing events.
  • Scheduling is limited to one event of no longer than 2 hours' duration per day (during business hours). Exceptions will be considered.
  • Drop-down screen, built-in speakers, full media console including PC

CAL 422: Classroom

  • Seats between 18 and 25 people
  • Used for academic meetings, courses, dissertation defenses, etc.
  • Drop-down screen, built-in speakers, full media console including PC

Teaching assistants/assistant instructors should not schedule regular office hours these spaces. While you may hold one-on-one meetings in the Reading Room, we ask that you do not disrupt other study sessions taking place.  

Room Policies

Tech / Media

RGB cableAll three rooms are equipped with a drop-down screen, media console, and built-in audio speakers. The classroom and Reading Room have media consoles with PC included (identical to those in other classrooms on campus); the console in the Meeting Room requires you to use your own laptop (connection cables can be borrowed from the front office).  

All three media consoles have an RGB cable hookup (pictured here) to connect a laptop computer.  We have some—but not all possible—dongles that can be used to connect your laptop. We strongly encourage you to come by in advance of your event to make sure that your laptop can be hooked into the AV system.
None of the rooms has an active telephone jack; if telephone is needed we suggest using Skype or other VoIP software.

After Hours Use

Open hours for both facilities are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.  The Reading and Meeting Rooms are locked at 5 PM.  For after-hours usage, a responsible party (ideally the faculty member hosting the event) must sign out a key from the front office during business hours and return it promptly the next business day.

Food and Cleanup

Meeting room patrons are responsible for the following:

  1. proper disposal of any food/drink that is brought in
  2. returning furniture to its proper place
  3. cleaning up any other trash items.

Food items should be placed in a bag or trash receptacle in the hallway to ensure pickup (trashcans in the rooms are not emptied daily by the cleaning crew).  

Please note: leftovers placed in the main office or the Reading Room for others must be collected and disposed of before close of business to make sure that remnants are thrown away properly. Any food items left overnight will be thrown in the trash, including the container. 

Failure to abide by these policies will jeopardize your ability to secure future reservations.

Reserve A Room

To reserve a room:

  1. Check the online calendar at:
  2. Verify that your preferred room is available at your desired date(s) time(s);
  3. Click on "Reserve a Room" on the gray menubar at the top of the calendar. (Note: the form that opens reads "suggest calendar event" - this is the reservation form!)
  4. Use the dropdown menu under "Select Category for this Event" to specify your room choice.
  5. Please list your preferred room under "Location name" - you do not need to complete the subsequent fields (street / city etc.)

Please allow 1-2 days to recieve a confirmation.

For assistance with the form please contact Sam Strohmeyer.

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