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FLAS: Academic Year FAQs

Academic Year FAQs

Application: Deadlines, Document Submission, Recommendations
Advising, Registration, Course Schedules 
Center Requirements, OPIs
Financial Aid, Stipends, Tuition Waiver, Finances, Health Insurance
U.S. Department of Education


Application: Deadlines, Document Submission, Recommendations, Notifications 


What are the deadlines for applications and letters of recommendation?

  • All application materials are due Feb. 1 at midnight. 


Is there just one application for the Summer and Academic Year FLAS?

  • No. Applicants must apply for each fellowship separately. 


What materials do I need prior to starting my application? 

  • Please prepare your supplemental materials in advance. In order to submit your application, you must be able to upload all required materials to the application portal.
  • Files to submit with your application

    Two-page Personal Statement or Proposal
    Current cv
    The names of two references*
* at least one reference must be a language instructor. 


How do my recommenders submit their letters of recommendation? 

  • The applicant is responsible for sharing the recommendation letter link with their recommenders. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that recommenders have ample time to submit their responses prior to the Feb. 1 deadline. 


I have no previous study experience with the proposed language of study. Am I exempt from the required language reference?

  • No. You should submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor of another language you have studied.


May I submit my letters of recommendation or application materials to the FLAS coordinator by email? 

No. All application materials must be submitted through the application and recommendation letter portal


Will I be notified if I am missing a letter of recommendation or if my application is (in)complete?

  • No. Applicants are responsible for ensuring their application is complete by first checking in with their recommenders prior to contacting the CMES FLAS Coordinator. 


When will I be notified of my award status?

  • Notifications begin in early March and continue through early May.





Are graduate and undergraduate students from other departments eligible for the FLAS? 

  • Yes. Students from all programs are encouraged to apply. Fellowships are awarded to students enrolled from all fields of study who are in good standing at UT Austin or who have been recently accepted for admission. We especially encourage applications from students from the professional schools and prospective students applying to our graduate programs.


Are there residency requirements?

  • Yes. Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


Are native speakers eligible?

  • No. Students must not be native or heritage speakers for the language applied. You are, however, welcome to apply for another language. 


I will be working on my dissertation during the award period. Am I eligible for a FLAS?

  • Students are typically engaged in pre-dissertation study. In rare cases, the dissertation research/writing phase may be considered. You will be expected to enroll in one language course and one area studies course each semester while working on your Dissertation. You should mention this in your application and, of course, consult your supervisor and Graduate Coordinator.


I am applying to study a language that I have not studied previously. Am I eligible for a FLAS?

  • Yes. You will be required to arrange and complete an OPI for a previously studied language.


Can a student receive the FLAS for multiple years?

Yes, though an application and materials must be resubmitted each year.



Financial Aid, Stipends, Tuition Waiver, Finances, Health Insurance


Will the FLAS cover all of my tuition?

  • The FLAS will cover tuition up to $5,000 (undergraduate) and $9,000 (graduate) per semester in tuition. The remaining tuition bill is the responsibility of the student. Many graduate students are eligible for the in-state tuition rate, please speak with the FLAS Coordinator. 


Does the FLAS cover health insurance?

  • No. Students should purchase medical coverage with their stipend. 


Can I accept other fellowships, awards, or employment during the period of the award?

  • The Department of Education asks that you clear additional funding with, Kelly Houck, the CMES FLAS Coordinator.


Will the FLAS award affect my financial aid?

  • Yes. Upon accepting the FLAS, you are required to work with a financial aid counselor in the Office of Student Financial Services to establish a new aid offer. A hold will be placed on your stipend disbursement if you fail to do this. 


How are stipends dispersed?

  • Stipends are dispersed monthly to the bank account on file with UT Payroll Services
  • Academic year stipends disburse on the first of each month from September to May; while Summer stipends disburse on the first day of UT's summer session. 


Advising, Registration, Course Schedules


Is full-time registration required?

  • Yes, graduate students are required to enroll in at least nine credit hours, while undergraduates must take at least 12 credit hours.


 Where is the registration form?

  • All FLAS forms are located here


What qualifies as an area studies course?

  • Any course offered under the MES / MEL / ISL prefix. Other courses may be considered upon request, but are unlikely to be approved. Students must use the registration form to have their courses approved each semester by the CMES Director and FLAS coordinator by attending an advising session. All courses must be taken for a letter grade. Graduate students are to enroll in graduate seminars


What qualifies as a language course?

  • Any course in the language sequence will count. The course must be taken for a letter grade


May I take a 'conference course' / independent study with a language faculty member?

  • Usually, no. To petition for individual instruction courses to count toward FLAS requirements students must receive CMES and Program Officer approval by sending in the instructor CV and course syllabus including course name, number, instructor, meeting times, grading rubric, required readings, and description prior to the start of the semester. 


What if my course schedule is not approved?

  • Your stipend and tuition payment will not be released until your schedule is approved. 



What if I change my schedule after it is approved?

  • Any subsequent changes to your course schedule must be re-approved by CMES. Failure to abide by this policy will result in funding being revoked and paid back to CMES. 




Center Requirements & Placement Exams

Students are required to meet with both language faculty and the FLAS Coordinator at the beginning and end of the academic year for language assessment and course schedule approval. This will consist of an advising appointment during Registration with the Coordinator and either an OPI (oral proficiency interview) or Placement Exam with a language faculty member.  



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