Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Summer FLAS

Financial Support

The Summer FLAS provides graduate and undergraduate students with a stipend of $2,500, plus coverage of tuition and course-related fees up to $5,000 for an organized, intensive language study program. The remaining tuition and summer program expenses are the responsibility of the student. Typically, travel expenses are not covered by the FLAS but may be paid by the student using the stipend.
**The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in constantly evolving travel restrictions and guidance. We therefore recommend potential FLAS students interested in studying abroad remain flexible in their plans, and that the possibility of attending programs abroad next summer and/or academic year will depend on developments in the coming months.**


Summer FLAS 

 up to $5000
Applied to Program Tuition
$2,500 (1 payment)
Stipend to Student



Undergraduate students can use a Summer FLAS to pursue intermediate or advanced level study of their target language. Graduate students may study at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. However, graduate students can only study at the beginning level if they have demonstrated advanced proficiency in another language or the target world area, and the addition of a second language from the same world area is necessary to enhance their academic and professional training. The Summer FLAS allows for either a domestic or overseas organized, intensive language program. Intermediate programs must provide at least 140 contact hours, and advanced programs must provide at least 120 contact hours.


Summer Requirements

Beginning & Intermediate level language study
140 contact hours
Advanced level language study
120 contact hours


Selecting a non-UT program:

For summer and study abroad awards, the quality and appropriateness of the program selected factors heavily in student ranking. Please note that in the event that circumstances affect the vitality of the projected program, we will work with the student to locate a viable alternative. However, in certain cases it is not possible to find a suitable program in the time available and awards will be redistributed to waitlisted applicants. 

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