Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Housing & Transportation

  • People's first stop to seek housing/roommates is oftentimes Craigslist, which most people are familiar with. In addition to apartment complexes and condos, it's not uncommon for 2 or 3 students to coordinate the rental of a small house or bungalow. There are many options like this available around town. However, Craigslist is not a practical option if you're not in Austin to physically look at places.
  • You might cross-reference Craiglist listings with the neighborhood descriptions listed further down the page on to get a sense of where to begin. Most students live in these areas because of their proximity to campus and/or transportation options they provide. Eveyrthing Austin Apartments is one example of many apartment locators. There is a list of other locators found at the bottom of this page. The Office of the Provost provides a listing as well; however, this caters more to visiting faculty (the prices are higher).
  • Roommate / Sublet Finder:  While the Graduate School waits for the Division of Housing to complete a new off-campus housing website, Graduate Coordinators across campus collaborated to create an off-campus housing forum on Canvas. Some of you may be familiar with Canvas, which is a system that faculty use to distribute course materials. (Other schools use a similar system, Blackboard, which UT Austin used until last year when it was replaced by Canvas.) Incoming and continuing graduate students who have been added to this forum - which comes in the form of a "course" - may use this tool to connect with each other to generate postings and find roommates. All incoming C/DMES students have recently been added to this "course" as of 05/11/2016 (and you might have received an email notification asking you to accept). You may get started here (with the course's "syllabus") to view introductory information, and then proceed to the Discussions to view postings.
  • You may sign up to receive email notifications on the GCN Housing listserv (GCN = Graduate Coordinator Network). This is an older email discussion forum that is still used by some people, which will likely be replaced by the aforementioned Canvas system above next year.
  • University Apartments:  All students may join the waitlist for a university apartment. It's a long list that typically takes more than a year to be considered for a vacancy, but it's worth it in terms of long-term investment, particularly for doctoral students and/or students with spouses/children, who receive priority. Rent is substantially less than what one finds in the general housing market.
  • New graduate students in C/DMES may communicate with each other through this listserv, which you have all been added to by the Graduate Coordinator. In late summer 2017 you will also be added several other lists used for academic purposes.
  • Capitol Metro is the name of Austin's public transportation system. The buses are also free to UT students with the presentation of a valid student ID.

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