Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

International Students

As a new international student at The University of Texas at Austin, you are required to complete an International Briefing and Check-In (IBC). You will learn about immigration, work eligibility in the U.S., how to obtain U.S. forms of identification (i.e. driver's license and social security number), health insurance requirements, and what else you need to do in order to register for classes.  


There are many tasks to take care of before you arrive to study in a different country. This list will help you make sure you remember some of the most important ones. Education USA is a very helpful website developed by the U.S. Department of State which includes information about graduate study and pre-departure information and resources.

International Briefing and Check-In

You are required to complete a General IBC Session before you can register for classes.

Insurance and Fees

International students are required to be medically insured at all times, from the beginning to the end of their status as a student. Next year's insurance costs will be published on this webpage over the summer. This FAQ and this PDF flyer are also helpful resources. Students must additionally pay a one-month "gap insurance" plan for August, which covers the student before the student insurance plan begins on September 01. This is a one-time charge, which is expected to cost around $155. These items are charged to the fall semester tuition bill.

Other Fees

International students must pay a $125/semester ISSS Support Services Fee, as well as a $25/semester emergency medical evacuation fee. This is charged to the tuition bill.

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