Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Updating your EID, UT email, Transcripts, Vaccinations, Updating Personal Information

  • Final admissions documents:  Visit your Status Check page, which lists the materials that the university needs before new students can enroll in courses. These items are also listed here. Original transcripts are required from all institutions at which a degree was earned; such complete trascripts must reflect that a degree was earned.
  • Vaccinations:  Some vaccines are recommended and it is possible that you might not need to obtain a vaccine in order to begin the Fall 2017 semester. A meningococcal vaccine is required, but only for new students under the age of 22 at the time of the start of the school year. If this applies to you, the date on the vaccine record cannot be less than 10 days before the start of classes (the first class day is August 30, 2017). See the instructions to submit.
  • Student ID / Upgrade your EID:  Obtain your student ID shortly after arriving on campus. In order to access a variety of university systems, you must upgrade your EID to what is called "high assurance," and obtaining your student ID card when you arrive on campus will automatically accomplish this. There is a one-time $10 fee for the ID card that is billed to your What I Owe page, which must be paid by September 5th (the 4th class day) along with any tuition that you might be responsible for. If you encounter any problems, use the EID self-help tools by selecting the "upgrade my UT EID" link.
  • Email:  Some of you may elect to set up a free UT email account, although it's not required. If you wish, you are permitted to continue using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., as your official UT email address. If this is different from the email you used on your application, please contact the Graduate Coordinator so that your email address is updated on the internal listservs that MES uses.
  • Fall 2017 Class Registration:  With the exception of new international students, incoming graduate students have an opportunity to register early if their official transcripts and (if required) vaccine documentation are received and processed. Please visit the online course schedules. You may view currently scheduled graduate offerings in MES (Center) and MEL (Department). New students may attempt to add some of these courses during summer pre-registration. Since incoming CMES students are required to take MES, An Interdisciplinary Introduction, along with a language course, this leaves only one more course that you will eventually need to register for. Leading up to registration each semester, students review their Registration Information Sheet (RIS) to see a synopsis of basic information related to registration, such as access periods. For now, the section at the bottom titled "Registration Bars" is most important, which shows information that might prevent registration. Bars, which come in various forms, block enrollment until a particular issue is addressed, such as unfulfilled admissions bars that are left over the application cycle, financial (tuition, library fines), and fees that might be associated with University Health Services. After the summer pre-registration period ends on July 18, the next period will begin on August 25th (with the 1st class day being August 30th).
  • Student Profiles:  Create and edit your student profile through this page. You will be authorized for this system early in June 2017, where you will eventually see that you currently have a blank profile on this page. After making changes, click "update database" at the bottom. View other student profiles to gather ideas.
  • Business Cards:  It's not a requirement, but think about ordering some UT Austin business cards, which come in handy for professional purposes (conferences, interviews, etc.). Prices begin at $30 for 100 cards.

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