Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Graduate Program in Arabic Studies

Arabic Studies at the University of Texas is a comprehensive program in Arabic language, literature, and culture.  The Department of Middle Eastern Studies offers master’s and doctoral degrees in Arabic, with a concentration in either linguistics (theoretical or applied) or literature.  The program aims to graduate students with Superior proficiency in Arabic as well as substantial cultural knowledge.

Graduate students are expected to develop research interests and skills in an area of their choosing, and are encouraged to present papers at academic conferences.  Graduate students also play a vital role in the Arabic program as teaching assistants and assistant instructors, and participate in the development of language curriculum and pedagogy.

Arabic Language Training

Graduate training in Arabic stresses cultural training, linguistic proficiency, and sophisticated use of research methods and theories, preparing students to research, analyze, write, and teach in their fields of specialty. Graduate seminars conducted in Arabic are offered in the areas of language, literature, and culture. In addition, courses in history and Islamic studies offer Arabic language components that develop research skills in Arabic.

Arabic Studies 

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