Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

FLAS Fellowships

FLAS fellowships are currently unavailable through Middle Eastern Studies

Given that the Center for Middle Eastern Studies does not presently offer FLAS fellowships, please inquire with these other UT Austin programs that support the following Middle Eastern languages listed below. Applicants to these programs will need to demonstrate language relevance specific to the region in question (South Asia, Western/Eastern Europe, and Eurasia). Academic year fellowships awarded through these programs would require both a language course and an area studies course in each long semester (both fall & spring, 4 courses total). It is possible that the area studies courses taken might not be permitted for use towards a MES degree unless the course happens to be cross-listed with MES. Such instances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

All information below pertains to FLAS fellowships in general, but is not meant to indicate it is possible to apply for a FLAS through CMES at this time.

Please review this PDF document which outlines various rules in more detail, and which contains many frequently asked questions for academic year and summer awards.

Academic Year FLAS

The CMES academic year FLAS provides a nine-month stipend of $15,000 (paid monthly September - May), plus resident tuition for up to eleven (11) hours of course credit per semester; any balance above 11 credit hours is the responsbility of the student.


  • Take at least one language course for a letter grade each semester of receiving the fellowship. Course must be approved by the Center.
  • Take at least one MES area studies course for a letter grade each semester of receiving the fellowship. Course must be approved by the Center.
  • Be registered full-time (minimum 9 credit hours)
  • Complete online reports sent to you by the U.S. Department of Education. This happens at the beginning and end of each fellowship period.
  • Meet with assigned faculty at the beginning and end of the academic year for language assessment. This consists of an OPI (oral proficiency interview) and responding to questions that test the student on the description of various situations with increasing levels of difficulty.

CMES has generally awarded 8-9 academic-year fellowships annually.

Summer FLAS

The CMES summer FLAS provides a stipend of $2,500, plus coverage of tuition and course-related fees up to $5,000, for an organized, intensive language study program. Beginning-level language learners (first-year) must attend domestic programs. Intermediate learners have a choice between domestic and overseas programs. Advanced learners are expected to study overseas. Exceptions can be made to these conventions when required by program availability.


  • Contact Hours:  Beginner and intermediate levels of study require a minimum of 140 contact hours in the summer program. The advanced level requires at least 120 contact hours. These contact hours must be clear on the program's website or brochure. Programs offering less than these minimum requirements cannot be considered. This is what defines "intensive" for FLAS purposes. Typically the program has a duration of at least six weeks. Programs that have been approved in the past are listed in this document.
  • Registration:  Students traveling overseas must apply to the Study Abroad Office for Independent Study & Research (ISR) status. CMES will cover ISR-related fees: a $400 registration (tuition bill) and $50 registration fee (WIO page). Upon approval, Study Abroad will enroll students in ISR 080, which is a zero-credit full-time enrollment course, which allows them to maintain current student status and covers them under International SOS, UT's overseas emergency plan. A separate ISOS application is required and students are charged $19/week to their WIO page, which may or may not be covered by FLAS (decided on case-by-case basis). Stipends will not be disbursed until students are registered for ISR 080.
  • Restricted Regions:  Students seeking a program in what is considered a restricted region must apply for permission to travel (list of countries). Please review the university policy and prepare early your application to request travel authorization.

CMES has generally awarded 6-10 summer fellowships annually, depending on program costs.

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