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Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures | Ph.D.

Photo of Øyvind Bjøru

Øyvind Bjøru

Graduate student

Interests: Akkadian grammar, Comparative Semitics, Historical Linguistics, Epistolography of the Ancient Near East, Omen literature

Photo of Bruce Boville

Bruce Boville

Graduate student

Interests: Islam, Theology, Islam & Politics, Political Theology

Photo of Saghar Bozorgi

Saghar Bozorgi

Graduate student |

Interests: Narratives of citizenship in the modern Iranian nation-state

Jay Caballero

Graduate student

Interests: Ancient Near East, Hebrew Bible

Photo of Matthew Chovanec

Matthew Chovanec

Graduate student |
Cal 6

Interests: Modern Arabic and Turkish Literature, Leftist Poetics, Language Ideology, The Gutenberg Parenthesis and Social Reading, Marxism, Literary Journals

Photo of Radwa El Barouni

Radwa El Barouni

Graduate student

Education: M.A. in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures; University of Texas at Austin. M.A. University of Alexandria, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Modern Arabic Literature, Representation of history in fiction, Arabic Graphic Novels, Critical theory, Intellectual history, Persian Literature, Teaching Arabic as a foreign language, Teaching Culture.

Photo of Ryan Fan

Ryan Fan

Graduate student

Education: Ph.D. Candidate in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Moroccan Sign Language, Egyptian Sign Language, Arabic Dialectology, & TAFL

Andrew Hatesohl

Graduate Student

Interests: Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East, Metaphor Theory, Comparative and Historical Semitic Linguistics

Joshua Jones

Graduate student

Interests: Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East

Photo of Joseph Kotinsly

Joseph Kotinsly

Graduate student

Interests: Contemporary Iraqi History, Shi'i political thought, Religious Nationalism(s), Politics of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)

Photo of Audrey Nissly

Audrey Nissly

(on leave)
Graduate student

Interests: Gender and Sexuality in the Hebrew Bible, Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, Literary Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, the Religious Development of Israel, & the Bible and American Politics

Benjamin Rangell

Graduate student

Education: Master of Arts, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Interests: Modern Hebrew Literature

Photo of Sarah Schwartz

Sarah Schwartz

Graduate student |

Education: Master of Arts, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Sociolinguistics; Phonetics; Verbal Art; Performance; Arabic Dialectology

Photo of Bryan Sitzes

Bryan Sitzes

Graduate student

Education: MA, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Environmental Histories of the Persianate World

Photo of Babak Tabarraee

Babak Tabarraee

PhD Candidate |

Education: PhD student, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: media reception, new cinema histories, Iranian film, cult cinema, global art cinema, comedy, teaching Persian as a second language

Photo of Estefania Valenzuela Mocho

Estefania Valenzuela Mocho

Graduate student

Interests: Arabic Linguistics, Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language, Forensic Linguistics, and Translation

Middle Eastern Studies | MA

Sophia Ahmad

Graduate Student

Interests: Religion, identity, law, and governance in Turkey and the GCC countries

Photo of Dabya Alrafaei

Dabya Alrafaei

Graduate student

Education: BSc Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary University of London

Interests: Rhetoric and public discourse, civil society, feminism, British colonialism and state formation in the Arab Gulf

Photo of Abby Attia

Abby Attia

Graduate student

Interests: International Development, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Women and Minority Rights, Political Movements, the Levant Region

Photo of Carlton Barnett

Carlton Barnett

Graduate student

Education: Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Levantine history, American Missions, Medicine, Education, Muslim-Christian Relations

Photo of Meagan Bennett

Meagan Bennett

Graduate student

Interests: Foreign Policy, Intelligence, Diplomacy, International Security, National Security, Levant Region, Iran

Rachel Brooks

Graduate student

Interests: Press Freedom, International Development, Human Rights, Gender Issues

Photo of Elizabeth Ennenga

Elizabeth Ennenga

Graduate student

Interests: Contemporary Iran, Depictions of Women in Iranian Popular Culture, and Modern Iranian History

Photo of Hazem Fahmy

Hazem Fahmy

Graduate student

Interests: Comparative Cinema Studies, Media and Nationalism, Egyptian Identity in Film and Television, and Genre Theory

Photo of Lucy Flamm

Lucy Flamm

Graduate student

Interests: Persian/Arabian Gulf, Construction of Memory, Archives as Sites of Politics, & Oral Histories

Photo of Grace Frazor

Grace Frazor

Graduate student

Interests: Diplomacy and Security in the Levant and Turkey

Photo of Alyssa Goessler

Alyssa Goessler

Graduate Student

Interests: Islamism, Salafi-Jihadism, Cybersecurity, Counterintelligence

Photo of Denise Gomez

Denise Gomez

Graduate student |
HRH 3.102

Interests: Arab history, anti-colonial movements, women during wartime,

Photo of Clara Hecht

Clara Hecht

Graduate student |
UT International Office (2400 Nueces Street, Suite B 1.57)

Interests: Modern Standard Arabic and Persian Language Study, National/Regional Security, Islam and Politics, Women and Gender in Islam.

Photo of Matthew Lancaster

Matthew Lancaster

Graduate student

Education: M.A. Middle Eastern Studies: UT Austin, B.A. Spanish: UC Davis

Interests: Modern Standard Arabic, Persian. Portrayal of Arabs in Spanish Language Television.

Jo-Yin Liao

Graduate Student

Interests: Islamic theology and gender issues in the Middle East

Photo of Mona Mostofi

Mona Mostofi

Graduate student

Interests: Persian Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature, Language Acquisition of Middle Eastern Languages, Iranian Identity

Photo of Destiny Mundy

Destiny Mundy

Graduate student

Interests: The Iranian Revolution and women’s rights issues

Emily Nevils

Graduate Student

Interests: photo journalism and women’s experiences in Palestine and the culture surrounding disability in the Middle East

Photo of Brock Ramer

Brock Ramer

Graduate student

Interests: Nationalism in the Middle East.

Photo of Arianna Tolany

Arianna Tolany

Graduate student |
Homer Rainey Hall, 1.302

Interests: Socio-legal studies; Persianate languages; gender in law.

Andrea Toomey

Graduate Student

Interests: Language Pedagogy

Aaron Wolfson

Graduate student

Interests: International/Regional Security

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