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Hazem Fahmy

Hazem Fahmy



Comparative Cinema Studies, Media and Nationalism, Egyptian Identity in Film and Television, and Representations of Collective Trauma and Memory


Hazem Fahmy is a dual-MA candidate in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Department of Radio-Television-Film. A graduate of Wesleyan University’s College of Letters, where he minored in Film Studies, His research revolves around the relationships between nationalism and media, particularly narrative film, in the Middle East. His current project seeks to combine cultural history with formalist film analysis in the study of the evolution of Egyptian nationalism throughout Egyptian film history.

Fahmy has also received two Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships; one for the study of Modern Hebrew for the 2019-2020 academic year, and the other for the study of Yiddish this summer. His original research on nationalist discourses in 70s Egyptian cinema has been presented at the University of Arizona’s Graduate Conference in Middle Eastern and North African Studies, and at the University of Chicago's Middle East History and Theory Conference. In addition, he will also be presenting at the upcoming Middle East Studies Association conference in November 2019.

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