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Department of Middle Eastern Studies

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Øyvind Bjøru

Øyvind Bjøru



Akkadian grammar, Comparative Semitics, Historical Linguistics, Epistolography of the Ancient Near East, Omen literature


Øyvind Bjøru is a sixth year graduate student in the Ancient Near East with a minor in Religious Studies. He is writing a dissertation on the historical syntax of Akkadian, based on the letter corpora of Assyrian and Babylonian, under Profs. John Huehnergard and Na'ama Pat-El.

Øyvind is interested in comparative Semitic grammar and the languages of cuneiform culture. He works on Akkadian linguistics and literature, the verbal system of Semitic, late Bronze Age Levant legal traditions, and Near Eastern omens.


CTI 304 • The Bible & Its Interpreters

28905 • Fall 2019
Meets TTH 3:30PM-5:00PM MEZ 2.122
GCWr (also listed as R S 315)

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