Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Dual Master's in Middle Eastern Studies and Journalism Media

The College of Communication and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies offer joint programs leading to the Master of Arts in Journalism and Media and the Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies (degree code: 624163). This program combines advanced communication studies with interdisciplinary area studies and language courses. It responds to the increasing need for communication specialists with a thorough understanding of the culture, economics, geography, history, and politics of the Middle East and North Africa.


Degree Requirements: Master's in Journalism and Media*

21 credits
Journalism and Media Graduate Courses
12 credits
Professional Master's Speciality Courses
*Please review the Journalism website for details on current program requirements 



Master's in Middle Eastern Studies — with Report 

5 courses
(15 credits)
MES Graduate Seminars
2 courses
(6 credits)
Intermediate to Advanced Language Courses*
3 courses
(9 credits)
courses specific to the methods or theories relevant to the student’s disciplinary focus, approved by the Graduate Adviser
1 course
(3 credits)
Master's Report; taken the last semester

Kelly Houck, MES Graduate Coordinator 
Chaz Nailor, Journalism Media Graduate Coordinator 


We encourage prospective students to read our Graduate Admissions FAQ, as many general questions are answered on our website.

For more information, please visit the Graduate Admissions section. 


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