Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Academic Advising

Academic advising incorporates a broad array of issues from admissions to course selections and progress toward the degree, to graduation and career plans. It is only reasonable to expect, then, that more than one person will be involved in advising you in the course of your study, including the Graduate Advisor, your thesis/report supervisor, your faculty mentors, career services, and various UT officers. Make it your mission to seek advising, for it can enrich your experience, provide a “smooth sailing” course of study, and help you come out of your degree program strong, confident, and employable.


The Graduate Advisor:

Dr. Kamran Aghaie

The Graduate Advisor is responsible for giving you information regarding your degree plan, monitoring your progress. You should see the advisor at least once a semester− a short meeting with the advisor may save you time, money, and much grief.

The Graduate Advisor is an active faculty member, who carries a regular teaching load, is occasionally away for academic conferences, and works with their own students in addition to serving graduate students. Do not expect them to be available at all times, respond to your e-mail messages immediately, or resolve your issues as soon as you raise them. Be patient, plan ahead, familiarize yourself with the advisor’s schedule, and, most importantly, get to know your advisor and maintain a good rapport with her.


The Graduate Coordinator: 

Lisa Parisi

The Graduate Coordinator keeps track of all students’ degree plans, bars, petitions, conference course contracts, and the like. All administrative matters pertaining to registration as a DMES graduate student are within the responsibility of the graduate coordinator, who works with the Graduate Advisor, Supervisors, and the Graduate School. 


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