Course Inventory & Offerings

Course offerings that are listed in the Graduate Catalog represent the inventory of courses that CMES offers over time, which means that not all courses listed in the catalog are offered every year. At the same time, many topics courses that are offered during the year are not listed in the catalog, because they have not yet made their way into the permanent inventory. If you want to plan ahead, talk to individual faculty and see what their plans are, as they know well in advance what courses are planned for the year. What they may not know is the exact schedule, which comes out before the registration periods.


Summer Courses

Very few graduate courses are offered at UT during the summer. Most faculty are away during the summer, which is a prime time for research and recuperation. Graduate students often count on summer sessions for conference courses, or thesis work, which may not turn out to be such a good idea. Even if your supervisor agrees to work with you during the summer, they may be traveling most of the time and communication may be difficult.