Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Portfolio Programs for MES Grads

Portfolio programs are opportunities for students to obtain credentials in a cross-disciplinary academic area of inquiry while they are completing the requirements for a master’s or doctoral degree in a particular discipline. Portfolio programs are not degree programs and usually consists of four thematically related graduate courses and a research presentation; for master’s portfolio programs, a practical experience related to the portfolio program may replace the presentation. Students pursuing a Dual Language Track are encouraged to use their additional year of study to complete a Graduate Portfolio.


Relevant Graduate Portfolio Programs for MES students

Communication, Information and Cultural Policy
Security Studies
Cultural Studies
Study of Religion
Dispute Resolution
Museum Studies
Women’s and Gender Studies
Nonprofit Studies


Reporting Form

When the portfolio program requirements are complete, the portfolio program coordinator should submit the Portfolio Completion Reporting form to the Graduate School, MAI 101.

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