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Department of Middle Eastern Studies

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The Graduate Portfolio Program in MES, run through the CMES in conjunction with the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, draws upon the existing interdisciplinary cooperation and engagement of our faculty affiliates from 15 graduate programs and is administered across six schools and colleges. MES portfolio students will draw upon these resources and faculty, choose between numerous interdisciplinary courses, and build a region-specific expertise that complements their graduate programs in their home schools and departments.


Course Requirements 

All portfolio students must complete four graduate-level courses, equaling 12 credit hours, which have been approved by the Portfolio Executive Committee. Students must earn a grade of B or better in each portfolio course. Two of the courses taken must be offered by programs other than the student’s home degree program and cannot be cross-listed into the student’s home department. All four courses must, at a minimum, include 30% MES content. No independent study/conference courses can count toward the Portfolio requirements. No language courses can count toward the Portfolio requirements.

If you have specific questions about our graduate portfolio that you cannot locate on the website, please email Kelly Houck

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