Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Dual Language Track

The Dual Language Track requires participating students to achieve proficiency equal to at least three years of coursework in two Middle Eastern languages. Students with prior advanced study of a Middle Eastern language are best suited for the Dual Language Track. All other degree requirements remain the same.

As completing the advanced language requirement is expected to require one additional year of study, the Dual Language Track is designed for completion within three academic years. Summer study may be required for timely graduation. Participating students who remain in good academic standing are eligible for funding during the additional 1-2 semesters of study.

Both languages must be upper-division level (2nd year) or above.

Students should apply for acceptance to the Dual Language Track during their first semester of study.

Program Contacts:

Lisa Parisi, M.A. Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Kamran Aghaie Graduate Adviser

Program Resources:

CMES Graduate Program Policies

CMES Graduate Program Forms

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