Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Applying for Candidacy

Passing both the comprehensive exams and the prospectus defense allows a student to apply for candidacy and, therefore, begin official work on the dissertation. To complete the candidacy application, the student must establish a full dissertation committee, have defended a dissertation prospectus, and collect the necessary documentation requested by the Office of Graduate Studies. Some initial steps toward these requirements should be taken during the comps process.


A full dissertation committee consists of at least five faculties, at least three of whom sit on the Department's Graduate Studies Committee


The Application Process 

Students must apply for doctoral candidacy in the Graduate School and the Department before being able to enroll in dissertation coursework. At least two semesters of the dissertation are required before becoming eligible to graduate. Dissertation courses are graded only on the CR/NC basis.
The Graduate School requires continuous registration of doctoral candidates (not including summers unless the student defends and/or graduates in the summer). Leaves of absence are only granted by the Graduate School for students in candidacy when regarding matters of life or death (serious illness, etc).


Limits on Candidacy

A student's candidacy may not exceed 3 years. Most students' candidacies do not exceed 2 years.





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