Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Scheduling the Dissertation Defense


Scheduling the Dissertation Defense

Print the following in order to complete the Request for Dissertation Oral Defense Form:

A copy of your dissertation committee membership page
A copy of your dissertation title page 
A copy of your dissertation abstract page 
A copy of your dissertation table of contents and lists of figures and tables
A Statement on Research with Human Participants form with IRB materials 
A Statement of Research in Restricted Regions form with IOC materials
A copy of your Copyright Tutorial grade report from Canvas showing 100% 


Applying to Graduate
The candidate must apply to graduate early in the semester that he/she aims to earn the degree. Summer graduates must be registered in MEL w399W. Please see this page for complete information.
In Absentia Registration (summer graduates only)
In absentia is is a useful option that is available to summer degree candidates who aren't able to submit a finished and approved dissertation by the last class day of summer. This essentially "buys" the student an extra 10-12 days to complete revisions and obtain final signatures. The deadline is the day before the 1st class day of the fall semester. There is a $25 fee associated with in absentia, but by making this deadline, the student avoids having to register another dissertation course in the fall, thereby saving a lot of money. OGS will provide the student with an official letter stating that all degree requirements have been satisfied, which is useful for those applying for jobs. The downside is that you are still registered in absentia and, therefore, do not officially graduate until December of that year. Diplomas are sent to the student's permanent address in January. You may need to update this information in UT Direct on this page.

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